KYOCERA to install more than 1200 Japanese schools the power of the Sun

Kyoto, Japan-Kyocera Corporation (NYSE: today announced the KYO), (TOKYO: 6971) that it has installed more than 1200 Sun proudly created systems for the classification of schools in Japan-Kyocera No.1 supplier in this market segment for the Japanese market. Solar schools in Japan use has grown exponentially in recent years, the Government’s “school’s New Deal” initiative, whose objective is to enrich the teaching facilities of the nation wide.

As the economic crisis and as part of countermeasures stated in 2009, the school’s New Deal initiative, to encourage schools, in favour of the spaces that are appropriate to the training environment, the fundamental reform of the 21st Century. In particular, the initiative plans to continue immediately to the earthquake-resistant building gains and enhanced to take advantage of solar power generation in the broader concepts under the auspices of the environmental impact and improve the information and communications technology (ICT).

In April 2009 the Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology to set a target of public Elementary, middle and high schools, the number of solar installations of 12000.

The school from the beginning of the New Deal initiative is the number of schools to the Kyocera increased sharply, now over 1200 schools tietoliikenneprotokollat Kyocera solar modules with the country. School installations in the Japanese market Kyocera holds no.1 share in more than 40%. Kyocera believes that this market share is a direct result of the company’s reputation in a very reliable products, and its ability to provide design services for rapid implementation, as the case may be.

Solar schools is part of the growth in the Japanese public and industrial use of solar energy market, which has expanded to approximately 3.6 greater trend times *, and the FY2010 full year 2005, over a period of five years. This segment of the solar installation, depending on the kinds of systems usually require a specific site to optimize performance, Kyocera’s business model is to be able to apply it to Japan, construction and installation technologies, which have been cultivated through the company’s years of experience in the solar industry.

Kyocera continues to strive for schools to implement clean energy solutions, continued the company’s strengths, which has developed over 35 years in the history of the solar industry.

* Based on data from the Japan photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA).

For more information about Kyocera solar energy

For more information, see the “solar energy” Solar Power Expo “Web site

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