The highest Platinum in the US Green Building Council, approved by the Sonoma Mountain Village

Sonoma 1, 2011, the highest Mountain Village earned the classification and labelling of dangerous substances – Platinum – from the prestigious Us Green Building Council Leadership in energy and the development of the ecodesign Neighborhood (LEED ® ND) for its neighborhood design.

Codding, immovable property, the contractor and developer products, and clean energy companies in the Green Investor intends to build the Sonoma Mountain Village is one of the world’s greenest neighborhoods. Rohnert Park, California, 200-acre former factory plans include the creation of jobs and is ready for the neighborhood on a daily basis an easy walk to the needs of the housing, such as Groceries, day care and restaurants.

The project has received other awards, such as the California Governor’s environmental and economic Leadership Award for efforts towards sustainable development. In 2010, Sonoma Mountain Village also received top honors USGBC LEED ® Commercial Interiors Comcast is zero and coal Operations Center. This was one of only 6 Member States in order to achieve this status.

LEED Neighborhood Development has been developed in cooperation with the Congress for the new natural history and the natural resources Defense Council, which integrates the smart growth, green building, the new natural history and the first national system for neighborhood design principles of a certification program. LEED certification provides independent, third-party inspection of location and the development of the design fulfil the requirements for environmentally responsible, high and sustainable development.

“Sonoma Mountain Village in the future, a common Mission to promote the Holding of land with ecologically sustainable development and we look forward to the world of creating future generations,” said s. Richard Fedrizzi, President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and for the U.s. Green Building Council President.

There are currently more than 600,000 square feet of commercial, industrial and warehouse space. Sonoma Mountain Village event Center hosts a range of public events, including the annual Bike MS Ride 2 days, American Cancer Society and the Sustainable Enterprise Conference events.

Located in Sonoma Mountain Village and independent activities during the third year, the Bourget innovation hub (iHub) and business incubator tenants currently houses 20. Business incubation has proved to be very effective in 85% of the local economic development, business-nautical-mile zone off the incubator facility to find 5 after completion of the program. Genesis Steel frame solutions program, graduating first class section soon moved to Sonoma Mountain Village more space to serve the expanding demand for their panelized recycled cold-steel and manufactured products rose by planning and evaluating the needs of the services. Exclusive rights in the United States, a group of performers centered around Genesis technology in Central and South America and the Caribbean, 100% solar powered, zero waste plant in Sonoma Mountain Village is built out of Sonoma Mountain Village and the office well-positioned company with retail stores, homes, laboratories and other buildings in the region.

Sonoma Mountain Village

Sonoma Mountain Village ( is a 200-acre, mixed-to-use, solar powered, zero waste community is internationally recognized in North America for the first one Planet community and one of the world’s Greenest neighborhoods.

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