EPA announces support for the program to create sustainable communities

The u.s. environmental protection agency has announced the formation of “the building blocks of sustainable communities,” is designed to help you make sustainable planning relevant communities program.

Ways to contribute to the development of renewable energy sources, reviewing and changing the ZONING codes are a strong practice.

Contribute to the sustainable design while safeguarding and improving the health of the environment are also Americans and stimulate economic development, the Agency said in announcing the effort. Interested parties are invited to apply to court for technical assistance to help them in their achievement of the objectives of sustainable planning daylong session. The period opened on Thursday and ends on 23. 2011 Feb..

“We are pleased with the part of the program helps communities build a vibrant, healthy neighborhoods Where Families wishing to live and want to invest and grow companies,” the EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe said in a news release. “This program through the wood, communities and the intelligent, cost-effective investment by helping them move to protect the wealth of existing instruments is vital for sustainable foundations through the process.”

EPA said it will not be able to work with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the US Department of transportation on the 20 participating communities been admitted, through a competitive process. During the Daylong session participants will examine the sustainability of proven tools, including zoning code reviews, evaluations, parking Walkability policy analysis, climate action planning and benefits on the bus. Each community chooses to focus on a specific tool and also receive information about the General “Smart growth” development strategies, the Agency said.

The building blocks of sustainable communities is currently being coordinated through the partnership for sustainable communities, EPA, HUD and dot jointly coordinate efforts among the Federal Government for housing, transport and environmental protection.

For more information and instructions for providing the building blocks of sustainable communities program is a Web-site at: http://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/buildingblocks.htm.


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