Recurrent energy, protects the 180 MW of solar module supply and feed for projects in Ontario, Canda

SAN FRANCISCO – -recurrent energy announced today, has become the worldwide leader in Celestica, end-to-end solutions for the life of the product, the Sun shall be granted in the form of renewable energy projects on the basis of the modules of the tariff (FIT) program in Ontario, the feed on the Power Authority (OPA), an agreement with the delivery of supply. The manufacture of solar modules, repeated Celestica energy supply agreement its multiannual programme for the Toronto operations. The entire production is expected to be running in the summer of 2011.

Crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells manufactured by Celestica, modules are recurring energy contracts OPA Fit was a 19 solar power plants in the construction of Europe. The modules constitute a significant part of the domestic content requirements of those agreements. Terms and conditions are not. Sheldon Kimber, senior vice president, development, recurrent energy “in this agreement is strategic Celestica milestone in the development plans of our Sun in Canada and helps to get the new Ontario policy goals,” said. “This unique process also reflects our strategy of pushing the Sun equipment supply contracts, other than an upstream pipeline network”.

Overall, the recurring energy expects to invest hundreds of million dollar 19 solar projects, including solar modules; development of electrical equipment; steel and metal fabrication; and related services such as installation and project management. These investments are expected to produce approximately 2,500 jobs directly related to the ADAPTATION of the projects in Ontario.

“We are excited to work with repeated throughout Ontario, energy, green energy, Burgenland Ontario Employment Act in support of the Sun, the Central operator,” said Mike Andrade, senior vice president of the Americas, Celestica. “This agreement reflects the depth of the strategy is the Sun, Celestica, and has a strong heritage of our ability to provide innovative supply chain solutions for the solar market demand for new energy choices, in Ontario.”

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