SolarEdge Technologies wins Red Herring Global 100 award 2010

HOD HASHARON, Israel & SANTA MONICA, Calif.–the SolarEdge Technologies, innovative service provider into the sun catches and monitoring solutions, announced today that it has received the Red Herring Global 100 Award for PV. The honor recognizes the leading private companies in North America, Europe and Asia, innovation and technology celebrates throughout their respective industry.
“We have complied with must be distinguished from the prestigious Red Herring Global 100 award,” says Guy Sella, CEO, President and co-founder of the SolarEdge. “We will win in the summary of a very successful year in mass production, sales and more than 50 megawatt larger systems in 25 countries and our customers to a significant increase in energy. The company’s management contract confirms again the growing photovoltaic Power optimization market, and we are proud of the recognition granted to innovation and quality in our products.

Red Herring Global 100 list has become a trademark for the identification of promising companies in the difference. Red Herring editors were to recognize that companies such as Google, Skype, Netscape,, YouTube, eBay and many other changes to the way in which we live and work among the first.

“Choosing the best during the previous three years, certainly not a small feat,” said Alex Vieux, red herring, Chairman. Contemplation and discussion on the “Tight we webpage on our list of companies that provide the potential of 1 200 200 finalists. Trying to get it down to 100 companies were the task itself. SolarEdge Technologies should be very proud of the achievement, the competition was difficult, as the case may be. “

Red Herring evaluated companies loaning of quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, innovation, management quality, strategy and market shares. This is an estimate of potential is complemented by examination of the track record and standing in relation to their sector peers startups, allowing red herring “buzz” to see and do in the list tool to search for the greatest business opportunities and advocacy around the world.

SolarEdge offers end-to-end, distributed solar PV monitoring solutions and harvesting, so that the largest energy faster return on investment. SolarEdge PowerBoxes ™ is a DC-DC power optimizers, who carry out each individual panel MPPT per performance monitoring, and communicates with the existing power lines everywhere. In addition, to maintain a fixed string PowerBoxes DC voltage, the optimum efficiency of the SolarEdge PV inverter, which is tailored to work with power optimizers. For this reason, the SolarEdge system provides the best possible performance, eliminates design limitations, provides a comprehensive panel-level and whole-system monitoring and maintenance of the declarations of visibility, addressed safety concerns and provides the mechanisms to theft. The company works directly with the PV panels to embed and play an active role in the electronics industry-leading partners. SolarEdge is online,

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