Southern California Edison throws the switch in the seven new Neighborhood solar stations

ROSEMEAD, Calif.–seven new solar power plants capable of providing electricity to the average home has now 8,125 online from Southern California Edison (SCE) customers, the utility announced today.

The latest photovoltaic solar installations, Ontario and Redlands, Calif., is located in is connected to the peak generating capacity of 12,5 million Watts (AC). New plants bring to 10 the SCE’s district, the number of drives in the Sun.

The previous solar power plants in the construction of temporary jobs created 250. Estimates of the SCE, the size of the solar photovoltaic project-75-100 roof and ground mount installations – create more than 1200 of these jobs.

“When the Southern California Edison building, originally announced in its network of local solar plants, we wanted to speed up the deployment of the California solar photovoltaic generation costs all while driving,” said Mark Nelson, SCE Senior Vice President-generation planning and strategy.

“Current market indicators show that solar photovoltaic is now significantly less costly for our customers than when we started this project,” Nelson said.

SCE’s new solar drive information

Ontario with four solar equipment drives 1.8 million square feet leased warehouse owned by ProLogis roofs. SCE is installed in the Ontario solar photovoltaic panels are capable of producing 32,950 wattage 5,5 million (AC).

“Ontario is proud to partner with renewable energy sources in the Southern California Edison gives us the residents and businesses,” said Ontario Mayor Paul s. Leon. “This exciting new program, we have the Sun is not only the jobs in our community, but we can ensure that sustainable development is the key to a long-term vision.”

“We’re excited continue our work with SCE, and to bring these additional rooftop installations for the production,” said Drew Torbin ProLogis renewable energy, Executive Vice President. “The partnership makes sense in many ways; by assembling a large rooftop owner and utility, we have reached the speed and scope of which was necessary to make a real impact on the rooftop of the solar industry. “

Redlands SCE has built three installations with 34,600 panels spread over 1.5 million square feet of warehouse ProLogis roofs. The panels can create power (wattage) of 7 million (AC).

“The two highest Goal is at the heart of the city than to promote job creation and to build a greener tomorrow for our residents and future generations,” said Mayor Pete Aguilar Redlands. “The Sun of the Southern California Edison, as well as the objectives of the project is supported by the construction of 120 and our energy resources, open the three nuclear power plants, that is a quiet, emission free and use renewable fuel sources.”

State Utilities Commission, at the direction of the SCE’s expanded its solar PV program through PPAs independent producers who wish to build a neighborhood of plants. So far, the add-in is awarded 29, which produces approximately 43 million Watts (AC), a new solar photovoltaic SCE’s customers.

In addition, SCE has seen the cost-effective solar photovoltaic energy offers to provide renewable energy to power supply, the amount of growth. The winning bids, show a significant reduction in the cost of the tuulisähkö of the Sun. In November the SCE was signed 20 contracts of such a purchase with the ability to produce the power (wattage) 239 million (AC).

SCE stations of the Sun can be a district online quickly when they are connected to the distribution circuits is ready to handle the new generator output and voltage controls.

One of the objectives of the SCE is to study the effect of the local grid reliability, so that these distributed energy resources that are interconnected in a safe manner. Solar photovoltaic project in an SCE shall be divided by the number of lessons learned during the deployment of other utilities and promote similar activities are being carried out by the solar industry.

About The Southern California Edison

Edison International (NYSE: EIX) company, Southern California Edison is one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, serving nearly 14 million people 4,9 million customer accounts in the area of 50000 square-mile service, nothing in the Central and Southern California.

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