Concentrated Solar power in the market is hot and Getting Hotter

BOSTON–despite the competitive photovoltaic prices and lingering concerns about the environment and funding, concentrating Solar power (CSP) technologies are changing the scale in the adoption of the gigawatt 2011; and future growth remains healthy, such as the generation of the CSP plants in the stack should still be able to play more than 100 MW. However, the country’s market share in the emerging market, utilities and developers alike to have a clear economic and performance factors more energetically, driving the adoption of the CSP’s four main technology contenders, according to a new report from Lux Research.
Titled “the Sun Update: concentrating Solar thermal power, the Renaissance,” the report compares the economics and performance for three key to CSP technologies – parabolic trough power tower and Stirling thermal systems – CSP’s arch-rival, photovoltaic systems, as well. You can do it, examine each of the hypothetical nature of the technology and compare 100 MW plant levelized cost of electricity in their (LCOE), capital costs, and the internal rate of return, inter alia, the adoption of a driving licence.

“A few fits and starts, when the solar thermal projects have begun to make a large impact on the generation mix in Spain and Latin America in the US,” said Ted Sullivan, Lux Research pääanalyytikon and the author of the report of the Chief. “Although the trough of technologies have been the dominant position which is the date We receive the power Tower solutions such as increasing the visibility of the technology is proven, because their smashes through the room integration of technologies, which is a restriction on the fundamental rights of the respondents in a Contempo analysis of u.s. solar back date: kompensoinnista.”

Among the report’s main conclusions:

* The dish Stirling offers the lowest cost of capital. More modular technology the dish Stirling leads the pack costs because its Cheap Stirling engines. In the meantime, the parabolic trough plant expensive mirror fields make the priciest CSP settings when the power Tower systems are relatively cost competitive. The cost of PV module by high fall somewhere in the middle of the systems.
* Conventional trough CSP technologies and a tower will lead to the performance. Parabolic trough plants is the highest peak of efficiency, but will be a second income and capacity factor, when the power Tower is a top performer, the author of the capacity of the system and highly efficient turbine section and dual-axis tracking. Dish Stirling and PV, by contrast, as well as experienced, less capacity factors and less energy, peak output (kWh/kWp) kilowatt output kilowatt-hours.
* The dish Stirling leads also the LCOE. LCOE (measured from the top of the $/kWh) power plant operating costs total neatly synthesizes and internal rate of return (IRR) for the purposes of determining the project investor. Here again, dish it at low cost and decent performance, it is a good substitute to PV Stirling leads. But the power tower technology is hard, it’s heels and still viable contender years to come. Parabolic trough systems is compared to any of the CSP plants and a large number of expensive investments in fixed assets and activity of the highest costs in LCOE. PV systems are currently pack trail and a relatively high investments in fixed assets and the LCOE mediocre performance.

“Solar Thermal update: Renaissance, concentrating Solar power,” Lux-voltaic Intelligence as part of the service. By subscribing to this service, customers will receive up to date with market and technological developments, continuous technology Scouting reports and proprietary data, the journal of research, photo-voltaic weekly Lux and Lux Research, on request, with the investigation, the continuous research analysts.

About Lux Research

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