Federal agencies, as well as the integration of renewable energy sources

The new solar plants and wind farms online, or in many countries, efforts to start construction are currently being ramped up helps to integrate conventional energy resources, variable generation designed electricity grids.

Private companies and State and federal agencies are working on.

The latest development is the Federal Department of energy and to increase cooperation in the field of renewable energy sources, modeling, and prediction of the Department of the new agreement with the weather.

Cathy Zoi, Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of energy, work, and Jane Lubchenco, Undersecretary of Commerce, and the atmosphere, oceans, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the administrator signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to develop, encourage and disseminate weather and climate information about renewable energy technologies needed for the two agencies.

More information on Weather patterns in the Department of Energy and improved modeling of solar, wind, water, ocean currents, and other renewable energy sources will eventually increase the variation in the ability of the country, effectively and reliably integrate renewable energy sources in electricity, said in a news release.

Ms. Zoi said, “this collaboration brings together scientists and experts from the Federal Government supports efforts to integrate the power of renewable energy sources.”. “By giving us a more in-depth understanding of how the weather affects the generation of renewable energy sources, this partnership will help put these important resources more efficiently throughout the United States of America.”

“For us the opportunity to increase the supply of renewable energy sources is based in part on the America’s ability to anticipate and harness rainfall, wind and cloud patterns,” said Ms. Lubchenco. “Observations, forecasts and climate information to the needs of the industry of renewable energy sources to contribute to the growth of the sector is essential.”

The agreement is based on the reports, as well as agencies, which recognizes the enhanced meteorological and oceanic observations, climatological, modeling and forecasting of the efficient use of renewable energy sources, expand and integrate these sources of energy in the United States continue to need.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s strategic plan, says the Agency shall develop an integrated environmental information services for weather-sensitive sectors, including solar, wind, and oceanographic data, critical for the development, production and delivery to the unique needs of renewable energy sources.

Notepad, pursuant to the joint action of the institutions may include the following:

Definition, which is needed to support the energy resource in the characterization of the batteries need to be achieved and the oceanic Weather dependent, renewable energy sources.The formation of a working group to coordinate roles focused on coordinating federal benefits and contributions, weather dependent and oceanic renewable energy to meet the needs of the resource characterization.Weather-dependent and the ocean renewable energy resource characterization based on the needs of the public and private sector cooperation for development constitutes a coherent and comprehensive research and development objectives, as well as to coordinate and review the adequacy of the research and development.At national level, the meteorological network addresses the needs of the energy resource characterization, including requirements, instrumentation, network backbones, data acquisition, control, share and archive, and user participation levels in the development of the framework.An assessment of the existing methods and new methods of Weather-dependent and oceanic resource forecasting the development of renewable energy sources.Challenges in the field of renewable energy sources in the system design, including, for example, marine, and the effectiveness of the turbulence of the dynamics of the wind, direct solar irradiation for Normal, Wave energy spectrum modeling, improves the production of biomass and the seasonal rainfall.Addresses of the micro-siting and maximize energy production matrix, and to improve the reliability of the challenges.Examine the meso-scale atmospheric transport to support Advanced forecasting methods, and the route to the strict needs of the resource modeling and other accurate resource characterization. An example of such activities is to improve the wind predictions on the future of the common field from the project.Natural variability and climate change caused by human impact in terms of both quantity and quality and understanding of historical trends, to improve forecasts and hazardous variable resources, resources, and local, regional and global climates through interactions in the future of renewable energy sources in the assessment.

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