Florida Utility solar PV projects in 2011, selects the feed in tariff program

Florida Solar photovoltaic projects, a total of 55 to approximately 2.7 megawatts (DC) the production capacity has been selected to participate in the Gainesville regional Utilities solar feed in tariff program in 2011.

The add-in applications will be received by 136, allowing the participants will be able to sell their photovoltaic systems directly at a fixed price contract in the energy generated by the add-in for 20 years.

Selected projects were selected on the basis of a third party, the economic and Business Research, University of Florida, occasional GRU said on the news release. The utility said it to mail letters, all applicants to notify them whether their projects had been approved.

2011 200 Kilowatts of capacity was reserved for residential systems 10 kW or less. Thirty selected projects fell into this category. The remaining 2.5 megawatts of capacity is set to 25 projects ranged from slightly less than the size of a 5 kW to 300 kW.

20 Year fixed price systems 10 kW solar PV kilowatt-hour or less DC capacity is 32 cents roof installed, since it is installed or not installed on the front-end. The fee is 29 cents/kwh more than 10 kW and a maximum of 300 kW, which are installed on the roof, or more than a front-end systems or systems installed in the ground for more than 10 kW and a maximum of 25 kilowatts. The tariff is 24 cents/kwh to ground mounted systems greater than 25 kW and a maximum of 1000 kW.

“It is great to see this community solar energy enthusiasm. Thank you for your participation in the US, there are a number of programs, the Sun is now 12 times greater than that of the solar energy sector, as when we first proposed Solar Fit program at the end of the year 2008, “said Bill Shepherd, GRU’s energy, and business services manager.

The add-in to accept applications for 2011 Solar fit program in January, between 18 and 21. The next application period is scheduled to open in January 2012.

Gainesville regional Utilities solar feed in tariff notice received significantly when it began. It was one of the first feed-in tariffs are offered in the United States for solar electricity. This form of incentive is very common in Europe and Asia.

Global add-in also provides other solar incentives, including reductions of residential PV solar installations and solar water heaters, and metering program, which enables customers with solar PV systems in their own homes or businesses to obtain compensation for the use of solar energy net.

The utility solar PV rebate is for $ 1.50 a Watt-meter when excellent sun exposure systems and $ 1.15 Watt-meter less exposure systems. Is the cutoff is not less than 70% discount “in the land of the rising sun with a windows-based systems, as well as with the Solar Pathfinder tool. Maximum discount amount is $ 7,500.

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