Advancing towards the goal of putting solar PV 12000 schools in Japan

When it comes to install solar photovoltaic projects in schools, on the other hand, Japan has been the head of the class.

Although solar energy schools is also used in the United States, in particular, is growing rapidly, Japan is far from the Southwest.

Kyocera Corp., which is based in Japan and serves as a solar module in the area of the plant in San Diego, has installed more than 1 200 solar generating systems in schools in Japan — the classification of the No.1 supplier of the company in the Japanese market for this segment. Solar schools in Japan use has grown exponentially in recent years, the Government’s “school’s New Deal” through this initiative.

Countermeasures part specifies the unique economic crisis of 2009, the school’s New Deal initiative to promote the modernisation of the projects for the 21st century. This initiative intends to engage in an earthquake-resistant building and establish the solar power generation, a reduced environmental impact and improved, on the basis of the information and communications technology, the broader concepts of Kyocera said the news release.

In April 2009 the Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology to set a target of public Elementary, middle and high schools, the number of solar installations of 12000.

The school from the beginning of the New Deal initiative, Kyocera solar systems with the information supplied by the schools has increased dramatically as a result, more than 1 200. School installations in the Japanese market, says the company, holds a no. 1 share in more than 40%. Kyocera said in a press release that the company is very reliable products, maine and is able to provide design services for rapid implementation, as the case may be.

Solar schools are used as part of a larger trend in the Japanese public and industrial use of solar power in the market, which has increased by approximately 3,6 times since 2005, the Japan photovoltaic Energy Association on the basis of the growth of data.

Kyocera 35 year history of the solar industry.

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