BioSolar announces major milestone, UL certification

SANTA CLARITA, Calif.–BioSolar, Inc. (OTCBB: BSRC), technology, the pioneer developer to produce materials, renewable vegetable sources of biopohjaisia, in which the photovoltaic (PV) solar modules, announced that, in order to reduce the costs of the innovative product samples from the production successfully BioBacksheet passed the all important insurer laboratories (UL) in the original material property tests, and is expected to officially receive the full certificate of UL material soon.

The original material property of UL certification tests include material identification, partial discharge test, catching fire and other tests, which is required before you can use a commercial solar BioBacksheet long list. The last remaining test BioBacksheet is relative to the thermal index (RTI), which is below the temperature of the material remains in the desired electrical and mechanical properties, and is not compromised in a thermally induced by chemical degradation through measurement. The value shall be determined on the basis of State-of-the-art staging RTI BioBacksheet approximately 90 days from the date of the RTI testing. After using the commercial solar BioBacksheet could be sent to the certification of the final panel, or by virtue of the UL 1703 uudelleenhyväksynnän prior to the General marketplace sales.

Dr. David Lee, BioSolar’s CEO, commented, “we are excited for all of our positive results in material properties receives the UL. We are now in the final Stretch before our “green” and lower costs, BioBacksheet could be commercially available solar panel manufacturers. Our internal tests, we did not anticipate any problems achieving RTI rating that exceeds the requirements of manufacturers of the Sun. “

“Begins with our sales and marketing effectiveness in 2010, because we have a huge interest in solar manufacturers, large and small, from around the world. This was a great validation of our vision and our innovation. However, the new UL certification requirements delayed our commercial engagements with them. I am excited that we are close to inform, that back on track in the marketing of the world’s first solar panel backsheet for biopohjaisia. Advantages of green materials, BioBacksheet lower costs, increased the power of the Panel and on the basis of the higher compared to conventional crude oil on the market today, the sustainability of the counterparts, “added Dr. Lee

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