Frigid temperatures from fossil Fueled power plants to shut down the Southwest

Frigid Weather that struck the West and the Southwest this week to the mechanical problems, caused by a large number of coal-fired and gas power plants, leading to rolling blackouts or unplanned outages for hundreds of thousands of Electricity.

Fossil fueled power plants in Texas at the end of the day, had the right to exceed the maximum emissions of pollutants, if necessary, those which constitute the entire agreement between you and went offline.

Conventional power plants in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado caused by weather, production interruptions. Multiple add-ins and customers were invited on Tuesday, Wednesday, to save power. Generator of the precise reasons for shutdowns ranged but most of the freezing of water pipes or valves.

Many of the traditional power plants and solar thermal plants, which are used for steam turbine generators to produce electricity. This device requires a multi-step viemärijohtojen, some of which may be exposed to the weather and the constant temperatures well below has an unexpected problems.

Many of the solar thermal power plants in desert regions are located in the higher the altitude at which the freezing weather is expected, as in conventional power plants in the northern climes. To ensure reliable production of conventional plant Kylmempiä in the areas of use for the various methods, but the repairs caused by higher costs for power plants, which are not normally subject to prolonged cold application.

Solar photovoltaic systems, which convert light directly to electricity, the use of water, with the exception of occasional cleaning module. The solar modules to run frequently best clear, cold, sunny conditions.

Texas a & m University, hard hit by cold snap-on the basis of the environmental quality Commission announced on Wednesday that it would use its discretion in the implementation, in order to exceed the boundaries of the pollution of plants, where rolling blackout period.

“Power generating facilities is the maximum emission limits, as well as the authorised periods of high demand, peaking units. The agency uses these limits, as well as the operational limits of the powers of the current emergency situations is responsible for this rare cold weather stations for skimmed-milk powder in the implementation of the ‘ discretion, the Commission stated that the news release.

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