The second shift starts work on Suntech’s Arizona Plant

GOODYEAR, Ariz., and SAN FRANCISCO,-Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (NYSE: STP), the world’s largest producer of solar panels, is carried out at the end of the second production shift, its new solar panel manufacturing facility Goodyear, Arizona.

Out-of-the-art manufacturing facility to run the module now sixteen hours a day, 78 employees, eight hours and 40 employees, when it began operations in October 2010. Suntech plans an annual production capacity of 50MW to ramp mid 2011 and targets employing 150 people by the end of the year 2011.

Martin Guo, Suntech’s Arizona Plant Manager “We got motivated, hardworking group of Goodyear tire and rubber company, which is eager to ramp up production,” said. “During the first three months of our new employees has really stepped up and made a lot of our cost-and the achievement of the objectives. Now that we’ve found our stride, our challenge to implement the second shift and increase production to meet our are you seeing great products made in Arizona Suntech. “

117,000 square foot manufacturing facility, highly automated manufacturing and product testing standard shall be verified in the course of the “equipment capability and Suntech’s solar panels for commercial and utility 280W power generation. In order to meet the growing demand for the entire history of Suntech intends to expand its annual production capacity of 100MW Arizona plant exceeded by the sum of the next few years.

“We have solidified our position as Arizona manufacturing market leadership and Suntech America invests in strong long-term growth,” said Steven Chan, Suntech America. “We are excited about seeing the increasing production output to meet our customers ‘ growing need for Suntech’s bankable solar.”

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