Regeneration Finance platform construction, Douglas County School District solar projects

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo.–building a website is around 3 to 31.1 MW solar project for Douglas County School District (“DCSD”), in the County. Douglas Colorado. Working with REgeneration Finance, DCSD’s solar project in the school district to cut energy costs, reduce its ecological footprint and educate student body.

For more than approximately 17 000 photovoltaic panels are in the process of recording equipment will be installed through 31 DCSD sites to reduce carbon emissions and save money in the County of bid. Photovoltaic modules on the websites of 30 Elementary, middle and high schools as well as one of the athletic stadium, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lone Tree, Colorado located or Parker.

Solar systems is the original cost is approximately $18,000,000, however, the project is Costing school district, no advance-funded the entire project is currently working and regeneration Finance, land of the rising sun to be financed by the service provider. The power purchase agreement (“PPA”) to pay the full cost of regeneration Finance, develop, construct, operate and maintain the project, even if the purchases of emission free DCSD-power REgeneration funding for a reduced rate. The low cost of energy that the REgeneration Finance shall submit to the school district is estimated to save $ $ 5500000 DCSD next 25 years.

This site has been moved to the land of the rising sun is a surprisingly fast pace. Granted for the financing of the project REgeneration DCSD next RFP been admitted in July and runs and regeneration Finance DCSD PPA for the following month. In the next three months during the REgeneration of the local funding partners, received all the necessary permits and approvals, placed in the appropriate funding and mid-November, received approval for the project managers, construction begins DCSD All solar modules, Inverters and new State-of-the-art equipment at the moment, the project expects to continue to move quickly and projects completed on schedule.

Regeneration Finance is based on its more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the financing of the project is intended to be used in the VAT entries, effectively and efficiently implement solar projects around the country.

“We are focused on solutions that save money at the same time, the new Colorado schools with a view to the adoption of progressive education in the State-of-the-art technology,” said Laurance Friedman, regeneration Finance Director.

Continuing education and training systems, and other local communities with REgeneration Finance intends to do all it can to help achieve the objective of Colorado’s growing solar power mode. DCSD’s foresight, rapid response, and the right project partners enabled Sun to go quickly to the RFP for the design, construction. Soon the Sun DCSD solution that will educate, save money and helped local “green collar” jobs.

Premier Power energy in the energy, Inc., in conjunction with Power partners MasTec, LLC, is responsible for the construction of a solar project DCSD design-build contractor.

For more information about this project or any other work, the funded REgeneration, visit or contact or visit REgeneration Finance (914) 777-2224.

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