EGPI Firecreek, Inc. acquisition candidate for Arctic solar Engineering, LLC receives a new purchase order

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–EGPI Firecreek, Inc. (OTCBB: EFIR) is pleased to announce that their most recent acquisition candidate for Arctic Solar Engineering, LLC. (“GUN”), in the case of a new purchase order is received by the Workers Union sheet metal out of St. Louis, Missouri.
The Solar Thermal system, WEAPON offers as part of this complete refurbishment and redevelopment aid project for the building of the hot water. Installation of the solar system by contractors OJ Laughlin plumbing company. Complete all sections and shall be adopted in accordance with the general supervision of the WEAPON.

As previously announced, the binding letter of intent to acquire St. Louis, MO. the Arctic became EGPI Firecreek based Solar Engineering, LLC, a privately owned supplier and integrator to the absorption of solar installations and units, as the case may be. The acquisition is slated 04. February 2011 for execution.

Arctic Solar Engineering, LLC, is an integrator of solar thermal technology. Solar thermal energy (“STE”) is an efficient and economical method of capturing and using of renewable thermal energy generated by the Sun every day. Solar collectors, which are used to heat pipe structure, which is the basic laws of physics, based on the capture of all visible and hidden in the Wave lengths of light, the light of the Sun and the conversion of the energy efficiency of 90%. The WEAPON is created by the energy save systems STE that energy in water (or other media, respectively, the cheap storage), and then use that energy to heat water directly from the form, the heat space and cool the facilities. According to the U.s. Department of energy, this accounts for 70% of all energy used in the commercial and social structures in the United States.

Fred Sussman, President and CEO of the Arctic Solar Engineering, stating, “Arctic Solar Engineering is pleased to offer its ‘ solar thermal energy (” STE “) system for sheet metal workers ‘ Union, the central part of local 36 new offices in the alternative energy solution. Arctic Solar’s state of the art system to provide immediate measurable STE savings over five years with estimated payback the installation process. After our local 36 will realize that the savings provided by the amount of energy they have in the past. ” He also stated, “this newly renovated building, green energy, clearly indicates that the time is right to the Arctic’s STE systems these solutions can be integrated easily into new and existing structures.”

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