Incorrect claims allowed by the IRS Hummer plug-in between Corporation

Hummer H3, bike, Harley Classic motorcycle, golf cart, Chevrolet truck and taxi vehicles, which have been incorrectly awarded millions of dollars in the plug-in and alternative fuels for vehicles intended for the federal tax credits for thousands of years.

Twenty-nine prisoners who spent all of 2009, behind the bars also was a total of around $ 50,000, rebates, according to the Treasury Inspector General released a tax report.

Internal Revenue Service, tax credits, the bumbling has led to 33 million dollar, erroneous report of inspector general Awards, said. Some of the money is likely to never be recovered.

At least the taxpayers filed false claims 12,920 plug-in vehicle credit for 1.1. and 24. between July 2010, the report said. The amount of compensation is approximately 20% of the total compensation of approximately 164 million dollars were incorrect.

Recovery Act provides eligible up to a maximum of $ 7,500 tax credits in the form of plug-in vehicles and alternative fuels, such as the Nissan leaf members, Chevrolet Volt, Tesla Roadster to buy smaller vehicles, and many are not intended for highway use.

“Invalid claims [inspector general] identify led to ensuring credits requested meets the requirements of a qualifying vehicle is placed at the beginning of the year, the date of the service, the protection of individuals with regard to the information notified by the IRS processes and inadequate and model,” the report said. The department “of the tax returns filed electronically in the review of identified people who mistakenly claimed several plug-in electric and alternative motor vehicle credits claimed in the same vehicle or for the personal use of the number of vehicles due to excessive loans.”

Inquiry “also specified that the IRS will not be able to track, and plug-in electric and alternative motor vehicle credits with regard to the protection of individuals with regard to the declaration attached to the paper argued that, because it is not developed processes can capture this information, these returns,” the report added.

The Inspector, it is recommended that the IRS has developed procedures to prevent vehicles year credits start nonqualifying actions to return the incorrect credits and either develop a coding system to identify the vehicle makes and models or require the vehicle identification number may require a plug-in electric vehicle credit and the alternative is used for forms.

The IRS agreed in accordance with the recommendations of the inspector said. In addition, the IRS management took corrective action in order to reduce the risk of incorrect claims, when errors were brought to their attention, as a result, an estimated $ 3.1 million in revenue, the report said.

“The IRS federal agencies, along with all required in order to ensure that the Recovery Act funds will be used by authorized and appropriate measures for waste, fraud and abuse,” said j. George Russell, the Treasury Inspector General for tax administration. “But the IRS Manager, took corrective action in order to reduce the risk of incorrect claims, to its knowledge, add the TIGTA process deficiencies, in so far as it clearly needs to be done.”

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