Sunvalley TianWei SolarFilms solar and sign 1.2 Megawatt thin film solar panel supply agreement

WALNUT, Calif., 31. 1.–Sunvalley 1, 2011, Solar, Inc. (OTC BULLETIN BOARD: SSOL), solar technology and systems integration, today announced the Sun, the leading 1-megawatt solar photovoltaic module supply agreement with TianWei SolarFilms. This agreement ensures that the Panel shall submit its Sunvalley Solar signed contract projects, Palm Desert, California, although it also expands presence in the US market TianWei SolarFilms.

Dr. James Zhang, President and CEO, Sunvalley Solar Inc., says, “was a great achievement Sunvalley Solar by supporting farmers in Palm Desert in their utility costs with solar energy. Now that we’ve already logged in ~ $ 5 M in contracts with the Palm Desert area of the premises. It is very important that we secured with our strategic partner TianWei SolarFilms, best price and the payment term, plus the full technical support and services for thin film solar panels. “

LAN Tao, Vice President, TianWei SolarFilms, TianWei SolarFilms stated, “a key part of the strategy is to provide high-quality solar modules in the superior pricing and terms and conditions, including, but not limited to our Sunvalley Solar Inc., a strategic partner for the United States, except for the purposes of this agreement, the installation of the projects, but also the installer partners Sunvalley’s channels. Date of entry into force of this agreement and other agreements under discussion now left the relationship between the Foundation’s strategic and TianWei SolarFilms Sunvalley Solar Inc. “

Sunvalley TianWei SolarFilms Solar Inc. and strategic relationship with the US market accelerates TianWei SolarFilms objectives and ramping up solar Sunvalley Solar system installation and distribution of thin film solar panel.

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