Defence investment firm, a California County said to resolve the problem of solar PV plans over the

U.s. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif, says that he has helped to resolve a “misunderstanding” defense contractor Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. and Kern County officials proposed solar energy projects through the testing center near the secretive radar.

The company had failed to have regard to the broad public records requests for county officials planned solar projects in the Kern County in the South part of the Mojave-Desert development.

“Kern County officials had expressed doubts that the records request – Northrop’s Tejon Ranch Radar test facility relating to the delay in all the critical efforts to clean energy projects that create thousands of jobs and generates billions of dollars of investment in the County will continue,” the press office, said Ms. Boxer.

Senator said he had asked the county officials to act as a problem.

Wes Bush, President and CEO of Northrop Grumman letter, he said, “thank you for your interest in my Office to resolve your concern, and Kern County renewable energy projects throughout the Mojave-Desert between the proposed locations for the misunderstanding.

-26. Northrop Grumman will enter into force on 1 January 2011, I met to discuss the Kern County’s extensive public records requests, justification for the proposed number of projects with representatives of the Sun. Northrop Grumman, representing the next day sent a letter to the President, the Kern County officials in the law firm of public records requests was sent in error and was canceled. I appreciate deeply that this situation was handled immediately.

“These projects are based on renewable energy sources — including wind and solar — are very important for the Kern County and provides an estimated 10 000 megawatts of renewable energy sources by the year 2015. In addition, the project will create approximately 9,500 jobs in the construction and operational and create up to 25 billion dollar investment in Kern region.

“Again, thank you for the willingness to quickly resolve this problem.”

Northrop Grumman are absorbed criticism last Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael d. Antonovich, conservative Republican known for his army of the United States, large documents, which it submitted in contravention of the solar photovoltaic project planned in Los Angeles County, just south of the Kern County line-strong support.

Mr. Antonovich, whose range includes a sprawling desert at military installations and the proposed sites as well as Los Angeles solar pool areas, which are of a high level of air pollution, the meeting of the Board of Directors said Tuesday, Nov. 23, the Northrop Grumman “submitted to the pile of documents on the objections in respect of” the previous Friday 16: 00, in spite of the public declarations of solar project in the previous month. He also referred to the company’s Board of Directors, shall be forwarded to the Kern County supervisors late objections.

Controller, Northrop Grumman, told from a Sun project that was the beginning of the year 2010, the coverage of the media because of the public review, but “the County has an 8-inch-thick pile of documents on Friday.” The company, which intends to solar power plant representative said that more than 100 community meetings were held, where it has been discussed. Northrop Grumman representative attorney plays that the company was not aware of the Sun until 16 Sept. proposal and that it needs time to prepare a response.

Kern County last fall before the second close to the solar power plant project at the hearing submitted to the Northrop Grumman reports say more than 900 pages of written documents in breach of the computer and the thousands of plan pages for links to the Sun.

Northrop Grumman in the middle of the test of electromagnetic radar, which employs 15 people, has three different aerospace companies in the Antelope Valley region, which has proposed a number of solar projects in recent years, the similarity of the services. Northrop Grumman Tejon site contains several high pylons so that multi-ton test can assess their Radar Reflectivity reflectiveness using the jam.

In its filings, the company is intended to be a “keyhole” area of their land holdings. that it says, it is important that the technological processes, the radar display after testing. Tejon radar test was built in the late 1970s, and some of the contracting authority the job there is classified as secret.

“Northrop Grumman concern is the Sun, in addition to the project would be Radar Scattering, which could affect their ability to sense and measure of the port facility, the objects in the area,” according to the design of the project staff, when the Sun’s objections were received from Kern County by the report.

Kern County Board of Directors, the staff reported that, although the Northrop Grumman identified by the “keyhole” area play an important role in the testing of Radar, it “does not exist in the region, the keyhole holdings or properties, has made no offer to acquire property or compensate for potential loss of the property’s owner identified in the course of the keyhole map.”

Region of the solar PV projects proposed shall consist of the panels on the ground. The range includes numerous housing developments and already a major extra power line towers.

Solar power plant projects that Northrop Grumman objected to was in Los Angeles and Kern County supervisors.

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