Energy Department Announces Ultra-Cheap PV solar goal by 2020

President Obama focuses on cleaner-energy development in his speech, the Union must be in compliance with the new status of initiatives aimed at promoting electricity produced from renewable energy sources solar and other forms of notifications.

The US Department of energy has announced “the sunshot” program, which aims to reduce the utility-scale solar photovoltaic electricity for $ 1 a Watt installed costs by 2020. The cost varies depending on the type of the current PV technology is used, the type and location, but the typical large-scale photovoltaic solar installations in a very sunny locations are reported to pay around $ 4 Watt peak capacity.

“The Sun shot” is the name for a certain period of time, thereby, the “moon shot” concept which became attached to the President John f. Kennedy on the ambitious objective of U.s. astronaut, the fear that the Soviet Union, which was launched by the space satellite called Sputnik in 1957, has overtaken this land space technology in the 1960s, the moon.

Mr. Obama and Secretary of energy Steven Chu for America behind of the people’s Republic of China renewable energy equipment manufacturing as well as facing the new “Sputnik moment, the” u.s. lagging countries such as Germany, Japan, Italy and Spain solar installations.

“The Sun shot”, the aim is to make the unsubsidized cost competitive with other forms of PV solar electricity generation costs. The target is around 5 or 6 cents/kilowatt-hour costs incurred as a result of the wholesale unsubsidized, the Department of Energy said.

Solar and other forms of renewable energy sources, conventional energy production cost comparisons are specious, given all the power, the heavily subsidized, both directly and indirectly. In addition, caused by the use of coal, natural gas, and nuclear fuels costs vary greatly, and the value of the electricity produced changes in supply and demand.

However, the Energy Department-item, to be henkilöstöpolitiikkansa with unsubsidized solar PV electricity on the wholesale market available at low prices while maintaining the momentum of its significant environmental benefits.

the $ 1 Watt utility scale, solar PV systems “could be widely used in different parts of the country,” the price of the Energy Department said towards the end of this.

“America is the world’s race to deliver cost-effective, quality of photovoltaics. SunShot initiative accelerate American innovation in solar energy to reduce costs and to restore Us global leadership in the growing industry, “said Mr. Chu news release. “These efforts to rebuild our economic competitiveness, our manufacturing and help achieve the President’s goal is to double our clean energy during the next 25 years.”

As part of the initiative, the Department of Energy announced that it is awarding $ 27 million to support the development of advanced solar energy technologies and demonstration projects.

Program title SunShot said, work to reduce the solar cells – such as the Sun, and the total cost of installation by focusing on four main features state-of-the-art:

Solar cells and arrays, which converts the energy of sunlight;Electronics, which optimizes the performance of the installation; improving the efficiency of production processes of the Sun; installation, design and solar energy systems are allowed.

The installation of the Sun, a group of companies, including SunRun, Verengo Solar Plus the Sun and Fujitsu, Sullivan, and many others, the recently proposed actions aimed at reducing the cost of the residential Solar installations, including the standard in the online application form, which can be used nationwide.

SolarTech, consortium companies and organizations related to the Sun, the Energy Department has been the best way to reduce the PV solar installations with discussions among the participants.

“The Sun, the soft costs and delays is to gain access to the rocket for SunShot applications. Doug Payne, SolarTech variable costs related to the Executive Director shall be permitted to, and interconnection of, electronic checks, are killing our industry’s ability to achieve the speed and scale, “said. “We’re kehu Sunshot initiative on its own merits. From going further, we want to see it large Solar Race 1GW per hour speed limit-the number of national, married a real-time reporting, which follows, on the one hand, and the connection of renewable energy sources in all hourly grid. “
One of the “soft costs” SolarTech I intend operating companies, Sun is an Internet service provider (ISP) residential solar installations, Sungevity.
“The leading innovator in the space of the Sun, as we support today’s Secretary Chu and Administration will include a proactive leadership on this issue. These efforts to take off from a regulatory point of view, the Sun, the handbrake so that we can provide the American jobs and the clean, reliable solar-more American Families. Combine these efforts, the American ingenuity, the smarts of our enterprise software and technological innovations, such as we are back on the competitiveness of the Sun on the world market, “said Danny Kennedy, founder of Sungevity.

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