California Air Board, auto industry group found the vehicle standards

California Air Resources Board Chairman asks seven automakers disavow Alliance Automobile Manufacturers two congressmen arguments “or returning to the Bush era and fought at the battles of risk to the environment.”

Mary d. Nichols letters will be sent to the General Motors Corp., Chrysler Group, Ford Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corp., the BMW Group, Volkswagen AG and Mercedes-Benz, saying that California air regulators are “alarmed and disappointed” by the masters, U.s. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif, and Fred Upton, R-Mich. auto Alliance communications

In the case of the California Board moves to enact standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel economy. National actions in these matters has been stymied by partisan divisions. California voters overwhelmingly rejected an effort to weaken in November, the State’s Global warming solutions Act of 2006, which is one of the country, in the light of the recent move towards solar energy generation and plug-in vehicles, the adoption of the Foundation.

Ms. Nichols letter said that “11. January 2011, the Congressmen In letters addressed to, and Upton and signed by the Automobile Manufacturers Alliance Director [Shane] Karr Alliance calls into question our commitment to the national programme. These letters, the Alliance is taking on California’s unilateral effort towards State .for ‘-EASAlle ‘, “does not exist in the collaborative efforts to develop standards for fuel economy and a single national programme Energiataseiden in the spirit.” We are no longer in a cooperative effort to propose to the Alliance for disingenuous at best and incorrect. “

Alliance Automobile Manufacturers says endeavors “are from a trustworthy source, proactive and positive innovation and public policy to benefit from the information society, environment, energy, and motor vehicle safety in areas of common interest.” Its members are the Jaguar-Land Rover, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Porsche and Volvo Cars of North America. Nissan Motor Co., a member of the non-Electric Leaf Maker.

The Association said in letters to congressmen that “a key concern is the State’s regulations, which could reduce the fuel consumption of motor vehicles with regard to the continuous effort to develop a market economy, which do not comply with the requirements of a single national programme, in accordance with the model years 2017 2025.”

The Association said in a letter to Mr. Issa wrote that “a significant media focus on advanced technology vehicles and a number of hybrid electric vehicle entrants into the marketplace, consumer buying hybrid-and battery Electric vehicles of less than 3% is sold in the u.s. in 2010.” Not to mention that, with the exception of the Tesla Roadster $100,000-plus Highway certified plug-in vehicle is not yet available to consumers in the United States is widely.

California is by far the leading market for hybrid and plug-in vehicles and the world’s leading provider of auto market, the United States. Plug-in vehicles in California, as well as long-term owners has been stirring in the public interest and, more recently, the vehicle electrification, also clean, low-priced fuel from the Sun for solar arrays, as well as the availability of the interests of the highlighting.

At the same time when the Federal agencies, California has also moved to reading, a bitter political partisaanitoiminta cleaner energy and alternative transportation initiatives with the support of the code of federal regulations, deep, in spite of the elector before the logjam. That effort was warmly the former Republican Gov.Jo: Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I look forward to also have been received by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea should be .gov Edmund g. Brown Jr., who keep Ms. Nichols as Chairman of the Board of Directors of air resources.

Mr. Issa, who represents perhaps the most politically conservative state region, a letter complaining that the auto Alliance, “there is no reason to start your own federal regulatory process CARB’s regulatory process and carried out at this stage.”

Ms. Nichols letter auto companies, said, the Alliance’s communications contain totuudenvastaisuudet congressmen Board actions. He said he was writing “the distance between your company’s future efforts to urge the Alliance to undermine mutual goal, set standards, which provide American consumers and more efficient vehicles cleaner.”

Mr. Issa said Sept 11, 2009, post, his lääkeviranomaisen website, “now is the time to develop the zero emission in the production of clean energy, including nuclear, hydro-electricity, wind, solar, which meet our energy needs now and replace the older and dirtier fossil fuel generation.”

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