California State University Bakersfield and SunEdison to celebrate 1. activation of 2MW solar Canopy, parking

California State University Bakersfield (CSUB), Dr. Horace Mitchell and Sun Edison LLC, a leading global solar energy services provider and a subsidiary of MEMC Electronic materials (NYSE: WFR), will host today “switch to compile” the ceremony to commemorate the 1.2 rose already over (MW) solar parking latvuskatoksen campus is located in the heart of CSUB activation.

The Sun latvuskatoksen made possible through the parking of the Solar Power service agreement (SPSA) CSUB and SunEdison, the cost is not required in our policies will help the University. CSUB buy to mitigate their demand for the utility grid, produced during the 20 years of clean energy. CSUB also preserves the credits, renewable energy-solar parking latvuskatoksen to the production of clean energy.

“CSUB is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and we are taking concrete action in several areas to improve the sustainability of our environment,” said Dr. Mitchell. “One of these actions is to purchase or produce at least 15% of our electricity from renewable energy sources. I am delighted that our partnership with SunEdison through we cannot exceed this objective, because our new solar system provides between 25-30% of energy use. “

1. the 2 MW solar parking latvuskatoksen produces more than 1.6 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean energy in the first year of operation, and produces more than 30 million kWh more than 20 years. It is enough energy to power more than 3,100 average U.s. homes for one year. Solar parking for more than 29 million for the construction of the latvuskatoksen transition of carbon activity – taking GBP Oklahoman cars off the road corresponding to the initial 20-year period.

“Sun continues to offer intelligent SunEdison solutions for universities and schools throughout the nation’s systems,” said Jaime a. Smith, Vice President of Us commercial systems for SunEdison.  “By bringing us innovative potential with strong financial characteristics, SunEdison makes affordable solar solutions to universities as CSUB reality.”

1. activation of 2MW solar parking latvuskatoksen marks the introduction of the eighth Sun, SunEdison, the CSU system, for a total of more than 4.3MW solar capacity.

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