Renewable energy solution, the nation’s largest school for zero-energy, GridPoint

Irving independent school [1] [2]. 2011 District announces today it has selected to design, engineer and install a solar panel system on the kilowatt 582: Lady Bird Johnson Middle School GridPoint, Inc., established in the Director of the intelligent energy solutions. Set to open August 2011, the largest school in the United States is a net zero-energy school.

Zero-energy building is one which produces as much energy as it consumes. Using the most efficient energy materials and on-site power generation, buildings, energy consumption is approximately half of a typical middle school-the consumption of the building.

“Zero-Energy school shall adopt, in accordance with the teaching and learning as an extended classroom. Effective materials and State-of-the-art renewable energy technologies, building transforms 3-d learning space with the use of “stated Scott Layne, Assistant Superintendent for the support.

GridPoint to install Solyndra, specially designed for commercial rooftops, a unique offering of cylindrical solar panel low weight, penetrating the system prerequisites are required to provide the wind load and its degree of performance. -Art solar panel system, enlarges the 150 000 square foot school throughout the entire roof to ensure production exceeds consumption. Each Board consists of 40 individual modules wired in parallel with the high power, which capture the sunlight on the 360-degree area of photovoltaic cells, can be used to directly diffuse and sunlight is converted into electricity has been reflected in between.

“GridPoint has the pleasure of working with Irving independent school district as the use of Sun technology training for students,” said Jeff Ross, Vice President of GridPoint. “In concrete terms, Lady Bird Johnson Middle school students will have the opportunity to Get it firsthand the value of renewable energy sources and energy savings.”

The roof on solar energy system, intelligent monitoring solution will also feature saves and displays the current and historical energy generation. This information is used to keep track of your independent School District Irving precisely the performance of the system through a web interface.

Other key participants in the project include the architectural firm, general contractor, Corgan Associates builders, and after consultation of the Charter of AFFILIATION.

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