The world’s first solar powered Interactive Whiteboard brings 21st Century Learning in rural African students

Ecole Sinthiou Mbadane1.2011 is an electronic grid. Yet this elementary school students in rural areas in Senegal, offers a unique learning opportunity to power an interactive whiteboard, the Sun, the solution to bring CyberSmart’s 21st century learning, even the world’s poorest schools section.

Recently, in the case of CyberSmart received US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Senegal, innovative learning solutions to extend the Senegal national curriculum, mathematics, science and social studies in the fields. Cooperation between teachers ‘ and experts ‘ CyberSmart to create and implement locally adapted training and wake up to the reader to more actively in the classroom, real-world experience, planned lessons.

“USAID is excited to offer the following pilot studies to be CyberSmart, highly scalable, practical solution to affect the poorest schools in the world-of-the-art technology, rural schools traditionally use continental – in the 21st century, the use of innovative training model,” said Kevin Mullally, Director of the USAID/Senegal.

“Just like a mobile phone brings affordable communications, in rural Africa: CyberSmart’s Vision learning solution, which integrates the mobile broadband, is on the same training. Jim Teicher, Executive Director, hope for a quarter of the CyberSmart provides the world’s population – 1.5 billion people – who do not have access to electricity and threaten to fall, the digital learning divide backwardness, “said.

CyberSmart’s patent pending interactive whiteboard effects of hundreds of students on the same day, as it is easy to carry between classrooms. Its components – specially designed for the missing basic infrastructure in schools – requires as little as possible and be powered by electricity at low cost solar energy system.

The core of the “tech-lite model CyberSmart translates the 21st century learning traditional economics and focuses on strong teacher. This is achieved using fewer devices, removing the need for changes in infrastructure and reducing ongoing costs. The result is Prompt Exchange, where the most teachers learn how to engage students in today’s Globalized workplace is related to the success of learning skills.

CyberSmart also works in collaboration with the Earth Institute, Columbia University, Millennium villages and the Millennium Cities projects, and began his work in Senegal in 2007, the Ministry of education with the Senegalese.

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