HARC and PISD, lit by the Sun to celebrate the largest solar rooftop project in Texas public schools launch

Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), Pasadena, California, an independent School District partnership (PISD) and catch the Sun, LLC, you can now use the construction is complete, the total reported approximately 145 kilowatts (kW), Sam Rayburn and South Houston high schools energy three solar installations for installation. Leadership organisation partnering institutions and an invitation to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony received the morning tomorrow, Sam Rayburn, the High school. Installed systems are expected to be approximately $ puitelakiehdotuksessa per year are stored in the District of energy use and operate in the real world tour of the solar energy laboratory for the students.
Pasadena Isd Solar Initiative, an “East Harris County Solar Pilot program,” began a two-year project managed by HARC, viability and used to produce electricity from the Sun in the Houston area to demonstrate effectiveness. As part of the initiative of two high schools work with engineers and scientists, lecturing a group of students at, function, and three unique advantages of the innovative Sun technologies, first obtain the available information. Solar initiative funding was made in accordance with the environment in Texas and the Sierra Club has brought an action for the implementation of the Clean Air Act settlement suit. Sam Rayburn subsequently received funding from the High school from the State energy conservation Office (SECO) to demonstrate to the other two solar technologies.

To celebrate the completion of the construction of the first phase of the project, the HARC and PISD, ignite, Solar will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony and press conference at 10: 00 on Tuesday, 15. When would you like to stay at the Sam Rayburn in February, the High School 2121 Galston Lane Pasadena location. Speakers include Dr Richard, senior researcher at the HARC Searches; Dr. Kirk Lewis, PISD Superintendent; and Peter Mathey, CEO and President of ignite in the land of the rising sun. Guest speakers include funding organisations, the environment in Texas by Luke Metzger and Ken Kramer, Director of the Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club Director.

Guests have the opportunity to view a short video of the Sun project, and simultaanitulkkaustilojen technologies, education and outreach, partners and sponsors. The event to make excursions in the sun room Awning, inverter and training kiosk.

“We are excited as part of this complex project, and I look forward to sharing all aspects of the community, as we continue to develop education and outreach activities,” said price, research associate Lizabeth at HARC and project manager for installation.

HARC agreement ignite solar, LLC, that commercial and large scale solar photovoltaic projects, planning to give a comprehensive turnkey solar system and the management of the construction site, Broaddus & Associates specializes in the provision of the Houston-with the company.

Ignite Solar subcontract Houston-based American Electric Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AETI) of electricity, the converter systems and the coordination and implementation within the community for students, as well as Tecta Solar, web-based interaction and a CNO for the solar module and install racking.

“We have designed the system to other students, maximizing learning and meaningful examples to assist in the development of the Sun around Houston-promotion,” said Mathey. “This project is that technological diversity, in terms of the complexity of reporting capabilities and deployment.”

Moser Baer, multi-crystalline, Uni-solar amorphous (a-Si) thin-film, and Solyndra ® in a cylindrical tube solar technologies that comprise the system introduces students and community technologies, installed for the first time in this area. Kiosks and each campus units and portable presentation will further strengthen the educational value of the system. The Sun in order to supplement the Estonians and the subcontractor and ignite the Solar module to the project partners have contributed approximately $ 30 000 in the case of materials and services on the PISD.

PISD staff are included in the management and the Sun technology training in their curriculum. Dr. Lewis pointed out that “the knowledge and skills students gain through these experiences will lead to further progress and improved learning opportunities offer. These experiences will help them succeed in today’s Global society. “

Grace Blasingame, Science content Specialist, said, “this project will allow our students and the community to learn more about solar energy and how it can be used in our fragile environment of the inorganic. Our students perform real experiments with data we collect from the solar arrays. I know, is the area that offers this type of experience. “

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