ProGreen properties, Inc., signs letter of intent on SolTech energy AB, Sweden

ProGreen properties, Inc. (“ProGreen”) (OTC BULLETIN BOARD: PGEI). ProGreen is pleased to announce that it has signed a letter of intent (“LOI”), SolTech energy Sweden AB (“SolTech”) CREATED the basis for a thorough evaluation should be initiated and the unique SolTech’s solar technology and U.s. housing market other products in the demo to the next.

SolTech’s solar energy technology is unique because of the representative of the cladding sheet must be adhesively bonded to a new roof or wall, and the Sun in the data collector, which faces the roof or the wall on the South may receive one of the huge thermal solar panel roof tiles, glass, and thus to create or maintain a pleasant appearance of the building esthetically.  The large size can produce Massiivisessa energy that reduces significantly the cost of energy for heating and hot water costs. SolTech is now also add on a system that is capable of producing electricity from solar energy from the same source, when the surplus energy is produced, such as, for example, when the Heating is not required for the development during the summer. This dual use of solar energy, one of the efficiency of the system expected to be higher than any other solar energy solutions, resulting in greater economic returns, and the environment.

“We are excited about this very first step towards this new opportunity ProGreen, since it could lead not only to the application of the new unique solar ProGreen future real estate on the implementation of the projects, but also created an independent division of the Sun, when a concept is ProGreen unsubstantiated personal features for the opening of the door as possible,” says Jan Telander, CEO, ProGreen properties, Inc.

ProGreen properties, Inc. (ProGreen) (OTCBB-PGEI) is a young company (2009) is based in Birmingham, Michigan. ProGreen carries on business, remodeling and upgrading to more energy-efficient residential real estate, modern, comfortable living spaces. These properties are then marketed ProGreen Homes. ProGreen believes that Michigan offers some of the currently distressed real estate market, the best investment opportunities in the United States.

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