Evergreen Solar announces the results of the Stockholders shall be convened by the

Evergreen Solar, Inc. (NasdaqCM: ESLR), String Ribbon ® products with its Sun, as recommended by the manufacturer, cheap silicon wafer Technologies announced that the stockholders approved the two proposals for a special meeting of Stockholders shall refer the matter to it today, was held. A quorum shall consist of the holders of shares of the company’s stockholders were present at the meeting by proxy or represented.

Subject to the approval of the company’s first varastonpitäjittäin had a 4% Convertible subordinated cash due 2020 and new additional 7.5% Convertible Senior Secured Notes due 2017 tenders previously notified of the proposed issuance (and common shares issuable upon conversion of the new issue of notes). This approval is fulfilled by the Nasdaq Marketplace rule 5635 applicable provisions, as it must comply with pending deals. The second approval, provided that the certificate of incorporation of the company varastonpitäjittäin was a substantial increase in the number of ordinary shares in the company’s authorised 240,000,000 from 120,000,000.

The company offers expire at 11: 59 p.m., New York time tonight.

If you can find more information about the

Terms of use and consent to the request for tenders, including a description of the new notes and new notes, and the essential differences between the existing notes relating to the information can be found in the post-effective amendment to the registration statement, the company that has been submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the tender statement on schedule, as amended by the Act of accession, which has been made with the Company valumisaika of the current 4% of the notes or the notes at the end of the existing 13%, the investor should carefully read the registration statement, their statement and other documents, which the company has filed or will file with the SEC, including the timetable for the comments and the consent of the company, more specific information related to the exchange offer and consent letter of request. Registration statement for the tender statement on schedule, as amended, and other related documents can be obtained free of charge from the SEC to collect the electronic document and Retrieval (EDGAR) System, which are available at http://www.sec.gov. Documents are also available free of charge from the Office of Corporate Secretary, this Evergreen Solar, Inc., 138 Bartlett Street, Marlboro, Massachusetts 01752 (Tel. (508) 357-2221) and at the company’s website or the information agent http://www.evergreensolar.com, proxy advisory written or oral, at the request of the group, LLC (212) 616-2180.

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