Rising temperature Avidan Management Edison, New Jersey property of solar panels

Avidan Management, LLC, announced today that it has completed half of solar electric system in the seventeen-acre rooftop real estate 145 Talmadge Road, Edison, New Jersey. 4. the 26 Mw, solar electric system is the largest rooftop system in the United States.
Contract planning, design and installation of the Solar system was awarded the September 2010 the nation ®. Project completion is scheduled for May 2011.

Overall, Solar nation installs 17,745 SolarWorld ® Sunmodule ® panels manufactured in the United States, which constitute the entire agreement between you and 4 26 rose to more than one solar electric system at the end of the collection. The panels are also included in the complement system, eight Inverters and 55 SMA America combiners are manufactured. The system produces more than 5 million kilowatt of electricity annually, enough to meet more than half of the building, including seventeen, which is a big source of electrical power to meet the specific needs of the hours, except in the case of frozen refrigerated warehouse, each of which system to buy electricity at a reduced price. System to reduce operating costs and reduce carbon emissions to the tenant to approximately 3,750 tonnes per year.

“Avidan is committed to oliivinviljelytekniikoiden,” said Avi Avidan, Avidan, a member of the management. “We recognize and embrace their responsibilities to make smart decisions that are good for us, but also of the dwelling and the communities that we serve. Install the Sun on our properties, our tenants, making them stronger businesses stronger employers ‘ costs are reducing — all while improving the environment and reduce the pressure on the electrical grid. “

Paul Hodge, CEO, Solar Nation “by leveraging New Jersey renewable energy Portfolio standards to deliver clean energy, discount tenants to continue its leadership in the management of Avidan of commercial and industrial real estate,” said. “We are proud of the company, which is continually looks for ways to better serve customers, and with the community and we congratulate them for their commitment to the promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy and power is an important source of emission-free in the land of the rising sun.”

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