China Sunergy signs 4400 MW long-term Wafer supply agreement with the GCL-Poly

Kiinan Sunergy co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: SHALL) (“China Sunergy” or the “company”), a specialized solar cell and module manufacturer established in Nanjing, China, today announced it has agreed to the GCL-Poly energy Holdings Limited (“the GCL-Poly ‘) (SEHK: 3800) wafer supply agreement with the long term.

China Sunergy aggregate approximately 4,400 to submit the agreement to the terms of the GCL-Poly MW wafers, more than six years. Delivery will begin in February 2011, wafers, completed in December 2016. The agreement also includes a price adjustment on the basis of the price mechanism wafer clause.

“We are very pleased to draw up a long-term strategic partnership with GCL-Poly,” said Mr. Stephen Zhifang Cai, China Sunergy and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  “This agreement is to establish the cost of our supply chain and solidify our dynamic Sun-industry.  We look forward to a positive partnership to promote the rapid growth of SHALL’s global solar industry. “

Mr. Shu Hua, CEO and President of GCL-Poly, concludes, “is a great partner with China Sunergy, one of China’s leading solar companies and look forward to supporting the growth of China Sunergy, our high quality services. We believe that partnership is the global solar industry both companies benefited. “

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