Marglen Industries Selects URE to go solar

Marglen Industries has recently requested 95.2 kilowatt solar energy photovoltaic (PV) energy system on their rooftop Rome, Ga.  The system is installed in Alpharetta, Georgia, based on the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION for STANDARDIZATION (ISO)-renewable energy, LLC, and the largest and unique Solyndra’s cylindrical thin solar energy system can also be used in the South.

The system is installed on the recycling plants in Rome, Georgia, Marglen Industries plastic rooftop.  The plant produces recycled post consumer PET resin that sustainable food-grade foam used in the packaging.  The plant produces the PSF fibres, which is used as a sustainable agricultural model for Europe through the floors and other textile products manufacturing.  As part of their overall sustainable Marglen recently, with the most visionary of the solar installation as renewable energy sources, but have been leading the sustainability for decades.

“We Marglen Industries are committed to our values and our activities in the Forefront of sustainable development principles.  The Solar array is our responsibility for the leadership of the industry and our goal is to bring value to our community and customers, “said CEO John Marglen Burnes.

The UK renewable energy, commercial, a turn-key solar rooftop solar installation company, installed at the Solyndra’s cylindrical tanks fitted to motor vehicles designed for an array of modules, which employ thin technology (‘).  476 Cylindrical solar modules in the USA capture the 360 degrees of sunlight on the surface of the photovoltaic cells are made everywhere in this conversion from direct sunlight, and light; turn off and the roof surfaces by electricity.  The amount of electric energy at an average rate of 10 offset in order to comply with the requirements of American homes.  William Silva, President of the International Organization for Standardization (Iso) of renewable energy sources, “Marglen Industries has once again demonstrated their commitment to the environment, at the same time, solid connection,” said.  “We are proud to install largest Solyndra system respected manufacturer of recycled materials in the South.”

All American companies are reducing energy use, cutting costs, and protection against the strategic interest of purely renewable energy production and Commercial invoices in the whole South-East, the add-in.  Available incentives such as state tax credits, federal grants, the utility company rebates and tariffs, frequently provide companies with a payback in less than five years.  Solar modules has been designed to take up at least 25 years, fueled by the Sun’s supply of clean energy.

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