Quantum Solar power Corp. has developed a solar photovoltaic technology, which eliminates the use of rare elements

Quantum Solar Power Corp. (“Quantum”) (OTCBB: QSPW) is a solar cell technology, which could alter the solar industry’s dependence on the stages of rare elements.

Solar cell market is a rapidly growing area of photovoltaics, the so-called thin due to their thin layers deposited coating material for photovoltaic cells, sometimes only aaltopituusalueella thick. Although less effective than silicon PV (less efficient), thin film manufacturing to grow rapidly in the lower. This increase, however, may restrict the manufacture of exotic materials, thin device. The world’s leading provider of thin devices based on CdTe (cadmium in France) and ‘ (copper indium gallium selenide) technology, which takes advantage of the rare elements of indium ($ 285/kg Jan 2009 now 530 $ kg), tellurium (150 EUR/kg in Jan 2010, now $ 295 kg) and gallium (450 EUR per Jan 2010 now $ 750 per kilogram). These elements are scarce worldwide and critical current of thin production. The current General maximum electrical consumption is 10 terawatts (10 trillion watts). If the thin PV solar does not replace the fossil fuels to power the future are created must be scalable to the level of production. Because the current limit values for the factors used in the production, thin face major challenges for its PV effort to compete with the traditional electricity generation. In addition, thin PV competes with rare element resources in flat panel LCD television and other electronics. According to studies, may be less than ten years supply for the remainder of the indium alone.

Quantum believes their emerging NGD ™ (the next generation of Device) technology offers high efficiency solar cells competitive prices is created without the use of coal for electricity of rare elements. According to Quantum’s owner, Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Andras Pattantyus-Abraham, “we are very curious comfort seekers of accumulators, we’ve made the past several months. By removing the conventional PV semiconductor layer of photons in the primary absorptioastiassa than our patent pending NGD ™ replace the rare elements, which restrict the current photovoltaics terawatt-scale deployment need. ” Daryl Ehrmantraut, Quantum’s CEO stated, “in Quantum’s research employs sophisticated NGD ™ Quantum-level processes is a real chance of finally break down the barrier to competition in the Sun and the fossil fuels.”

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