University of Maryland, College Park inform 631 KW Solar Project

More than 2,600 solar panels installed at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) construction this summer, the largest rooftop solar from Maryland State-of-the-art systems.
UMD was selected for the Maryland energy administration project initiative partner and to grant the Brown aims to promote renewable energy systems in public buildings from Maryland installation. A competitive tender process, Washington gas energy Services, Inc. (WGES) funded the project costs for the UMD and buy, created by a solar panel with 20 years of contract WGES electricity.

In the second quarter of the year 2011, the solar system will be installed and operated in the roof construction, the UMD is a multipurpose facility is located on the banks of the River Severn, in less than a mile from the College Park campus. 631 Kilowatt system be installed in a Standard Solar, Inc., Rockville, MD, and are owned and operated by WGES, produces approximately 792 rose to more than one hour of electricity annually.

“The University is committed to this generation, including the environment, sustainable development, climate change and renewable energy sources, major challenges,” said Ann Wylie, Director of Administrative Affairs and sustainability to the President of the Council of the University. “Solar energy – clean energy source that produces greenhouse gases not transferred to the us – a step closer to achieving our vision of an ecologically sustainable campus, the University’s strategic plan embodied.”

This solar project shall, not later than the efforts of the University is committed to the aim to become “one of the most widely recognized as a national model for Green University.”series in 2007, the UMD was one of the 650 American universities, which were the American College and University President’s climate commitment of the signatories. This commitment is the framework and support for the nation, colleges and universities will eventually Carbon neutral. Signed by the University of Maryland, the University is its (Energiataseiden) of the greenhouse gas emissions from campus operations and carbon neutrality goal.

Solar electricity is reduced by the UMD’s ecological footprint by more than 600 tonnes per year, equivalent to removing the emissions of greenhouse gases in the 64,000 gallons of gasoline per year, or nearly 1.3 million gallons during the useful life of the agreement.

“WGES has a long history by introducing renewable energy solutions for our customers,” said Harry Warren, President of Herndon, Va WGES. “efforts to help customers find solutions for environmentally attractive energy needs are the strike force Maryland programmes and policies that encourage and in fact invoked, these clean energy technologies to invest in a competitive market. Maryland University project brings us rapidly growing portfolio of owned and the secondary steering East coast approximately 4 megawatts of solar. “

“We can bring much fond of clean renewable energy, University of Maryland, College Park, through this project, Brown grant,” said Malcolm Woolf, Maryland energy Administration Director. “By investing in renewable energy sources in the UMD is helping to coordinate the Renewable Portfolio Standard goals in accordance with the acquisition of 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2022 Maryland.”

Scott Wiater, President of the Standard in the land of the rising sun “in the region of the world’s leading provider of solar developer and Installer, we look forward to us participation in this important project and UMD’s efforts on the part of what it means to be green-University model will promote” said.

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