Upsolar receives certification Centre Scientifique et Technique du building

the Sun, a leading international Upsolar module provider announced that it has received a prestigious Centre Scientifique certificate installation manufacturers design partnership et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB), which aims to ensure the quality and safety standards for sustainable construction research, assessment and evaluation. The certificate was issued, you must have the following structure with partners in conjunction with the SOLEOS Solar GmbH and Oxysoleil. Add certifications is the process by Mecosun and Renusol.
The module is considered to be subject to the approval of the CSTB, producers and manufacturers must submit as part of the prerequisites are required to cover the technical details of the organization. Following a thorough review, only a handful of the applicants is considered to be eligible for the aid and to grant the certificate.

Upsolar: CSTB certifications cover the range of products and structures to their clients, including monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules integrated in the building, as well as rack-mounted systems to varying needs.

“We luomuksistaan us ‘ specialties ‘ manufacturing to each stage of the approach, which combines a vertically integrated production, quality control and testing of a wide range of vigilance with regard to both internally and with external stakeholders,” Adrien Pellarin, Upsolar: technical support Manager, said. “We invest in our high were involved in the entire process of testing this certificate CSTB, and is much appreciated and the validation of the quality of our dedication to.”

Upsolar presented a complete description of the processes of its components and, as well as information about the online quality assurance and third-party test laboratories. SOLEOS solar and Oxysoleil were present at the detailed calculations and technical product renderings, to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the national building code, including properties and mechanical loads and high corrosion resistance of waterproofing.

“Earn a respected organization in the validation, such as the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment is a useful measure of excellence, and we’ve found many insurance providers and integrators of the Sun are now asking only for this reason, CSTB certified products”, the sales representative for Emilie Fages, Upsolar Europe SAS, said. “Now that our modules and several partners have successfully completed the following systems to rigorous testing process, CSTB’s we are confident we will see rapid growth throughout France to the placing on the market of the Sun.”

For more information about the product and system certification is expected this year.

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