Veeco receives $ 4. 8 M Us Department of energy solar Grant

Veeco Instruments Inc. (Nasdaq: VECO) announced today that it has been granted according to 4.8 million dollars to the U.S. Department of ENERGIAMINISTERIÖ (DOE) to stimulate research and development and the production of copper, Indium, Gallium, selenium (‘), a tour of the deposition systems. The contract was awarded as part of the DOE “sunshot” iskevää forward chain in the R&D program, whose objective is to create a parity the price of solar electricity and fossil between electricity without any further aid to the end of the Decade. DOE funding will help to accelerate their efforts commercialised in the manufacture of multi-stage thermal deposition production of solar cells efficient ‘ Veeco.
Veeco-Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Prize commenting (D-NY) said, “to develop a new, clean, homegrown energy sources is a vital part of our economic recovery.” This federal investment will help drive the research and development sector, a new solar technology can help to improve the land of the rising sun. Making solar affordable and effective in the long term, we can cut our emissions, reduce our energy efficiency, invoices, and a good to pay for green jobs right here at home. ”

Representative Steve Israel (D-NY) says, “our growing investment in the clean technology sector are very important to us economic recovery and our national security. Veeco is the leading companies who are searching for innovative ways to produce solar technology, Long Island and throughout the country. The Department of energy funding to strengthen efforts to compete with the world leading clean energy. “

“I am strongly supported the Veeco’s application because this major investment will help create jobs in our community Lowell through the development of clean energy technology, which reduces the household energy bills while promoting reliable domestic sources of power,” said representative Niki Tsongas (D-MA). “Veeco is addressed to the Sun technology and well deserved this award helps to accelerate R&D, integration and their highly innovative products in the demo.”

About the initiative can be found on the DOE SunShot can be found at:

You can also visit the complete list of past recipients to see

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