Canadian solar and GP Joule solar module tells the 97 MW supply agreement

Kanadan Solar Inc.  one of the world’s largest solar companies, and GP Joule today 97 MW as the delivery agreement. Under the agreement, the Canadian Solar will provide the high-performance solar modules, all of the supplies to the GP Joule occur before the 31. December 2011 97 MW with the supply agreement. The companies have worked together since 2009.

GP Joule operates four offices in North and South Germany, and has joint ventures in North America and in France. PV-industry, the company will focus on the implementation of the high ground on the solar power plants, mostly.

“We know you have the Sun with Canada partner on our side, we got the best able to provide the performance and high value modules, supports large-scale projects,” said Ove Petersen, Executive Director of the GP Joule. “Canadian Solar’s modules set the standard and, in particular, the versatile use of Excel and to enable them to be mostly in Germany, but also all over Europe.”

Shawn Qu, President and CEO, Canadian solar, said, “the German must always specify the model of the solar industry as one of the most attractive and efficient solar market. This latest agreement to help Canadian Solar continues to expand our brand and footprint in Europe, as we can take advantage of the GP, the local partner of the Joule, which is able to manage large scale projects to full support. “

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