Canadian solar signs module of 100 MW of solar power supply agreement with the Fire Energy Group

Kanadan Solar Inc. , one of the world’s largest solar companies, today announced that the company has signed the Fire Energy Group with a 100 MW solar module supply agreement. In accordance with the contract of supply, the supply takes place in 2011, the module size, prices were adjusted on a quarterly basis.

Fire Energy Group is a leading system integrator, which includes project management and distribution services, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, USA, the Czech Republic, Morocco and China.

Dr. Shawn Qu, Pik said: “the Canadian Sun and fire Energy Group has successfully established a business relationship in recent years. Fire Energy Group is now one of our major distributors in Europe, with sales channels in Germany and throughout southern Europe. We look forward to expanding our relationship to continue, as we support the expansion of their business. “

Mr. John Liu, Pik said: “the Fire Energy Group has been selected for the Canadian Solar products of consistently high quality, reliable and strong customer commitment to distribution. We use the latest version of the agreement We Canadian Solar Cell CS6P-n 60 CS6V large module and the rooftop and the various applications that are installed to the ground. As the fire Energy Group continues in Europe, is critical, we have a good partner to work alongside us. Canadian Solar is assigned to the partner. “

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