GSLO: the first shipment of us Solar Chargers on the Volt

GoSolarUSA today announced its original broadcast, the Apple iPhone accessories-Volt Solar battery charger manufacturer in the people’s Republic of China to the United States is on the way.
The arrival of the consignment, shall represent the employees of the month, the raise in the United States of America, State-of-the-art technology in solar GoSolarUSA-V solar charger is the new detachable additional device on a smartphone is designed to expand significantly in the Apple iPhone using the battery in the beginning of the line, the built-in solar panel and a 1500 mAh battery. Developed by Xiamen Solar Electronics (XSE), v is a well known GSLO tends to Chargers, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3, and 4 with the same device, only the iPhone battery, iPhone.

Earlier this year GoSolarUSA signed distribution agreement, offers the XSE GSLO has the exclusive right to sell and distribute the Volt in North America, the world’s largest market, the iPhone accessories.

“We could not have been more pleased that the Volt is the way America is the last,” said GSLO, Chairman and CEO of Tyson Rohde. “You have received the first transfer of the DHL tracking number, and we look forward to the next couple of weeks away. We have received the device in the last few months on the basis of the interest of the first movement does not take a long time. “

IPhone users in the United States population has led to a unprecedented explosive demand for smartphone accessories, such as the Volt solar battery charger, Rohde said. In January GoSolarUSA unveiled the Volt waiting list and the giveaway to its Web site, consumers can sign notice first when Volt solar battery charger is available in North America. In order to attract potential customers to reserve-Volt Solar battery charger, GoSolarUSA to give away the Volt to 100 randomly selected people who are not included with the device to the waiting list as necessary.

“The Volt the first units to arrive soon, the waiting list, we will Close soon, and our giveaway winners-Volt,” said Rohde. “Everyone is waiting until the last minute to sign should make sense to do quickly.”

Log on to the GoSolarUSA n-Volt waiting list and the giveaway, visit

GoSolarUSA is dedicated to the acquisition, development, and aggressively marketing promising and viable technology. Volt solar battery charger is the product of the Xiamen Solar Electronics based on Xiamen, China. The iPhone is a product of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: ^ FTSE), which is in competition with Motorola mobility Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:MMI) and Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) against the global market for mobile electronics.

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