Intersolar North America in 2011, the sets of the solar stage

Intersolar in North America, the premier solar exhibition and Conference sector in North America and the largest solar event in California, is a return to the July 12-14, its largest show yet in the center of the well-and San Francisco. What is the current state-of-the-Sun-industrial, Intersolar North America Conference is the place with the 2011 directly consult experts on the hottest topics in solar in North America. With the 20,000 participants, in 2010, representing a broad geographical areas throughout the continent Intersolar North America in 2011, is expected to more than 22,000 visitors, 800 exhibitors and attendees of the Conference of the 1,600, it also is a versatile and adaptable to business division of the exhibition, which brings together key players, solar bigger.

Solar Heating In North America

The u.s. solar market to double again in 2011, becoming the largest solar market in the contender by 2015. The phase is set to jump ahead of the United States issued the “perfect storm” of incentives, regulations, and the affordability, it is placed in the very strong growth. Solar energy analysts say that the dawning of the Sun, the age of Cheap solar large-scale use as a rejection of the prices of the primary. Noting the enormous growth potential, to facilitate the Exchange margin system prices, Pike Research senior analyst Peter Asmus noted, “during the last two years, the real prices of solar photovoltaic panels have been reduced by 40%.” Piper Jaffray & Co., Ahmar said Zaman, SR. analyst Cleantech he believes the Sun to reach grid parity at the retail level in some markets as early as next year. iSuppli Analyst Mike Sheppard also notes, “the European market of maturing in 2012, where competition is heating up in North America as the industry’s efforts to assert to the participants of this fast growing market. The North American market is the benefit of European learning and lower prices, which stimulates demand. “

Sunny Outlook For California

California has continued to keep its solar leadership as State-level policies and incentives to continue to drive the solar market. November 2010 election State voters defeated Proposition 23, to suspend the law, which sets specific objectives for the other gases to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and marked as focused on renewable energy sources in the BOM (Bill of materials), the first public approval. In January, according to iSuppli report, “the California statewide vote to repeal the targets for renewable energy sources to ensure that, in the light of the recent lost support on the largest solar energy photovoltaic market in the United States.” The bill passed in the last State to increase California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 33% by 2020 increased by 13%, are a significant number of the solar energy.

“Intersolar is present in North America and in California, is a significant, in particular, all the incentives, which the State is a place just now,” said Sue Kateley, Executive Director for the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA). “The recently passed California Assembly Bill of materials (BOM), which would oblige the Member State of the add-ins for a third of energy from renewable sources by 2020. RPS-the program is now one of the world’s most aggressive standards and Intersolar is the thick of it. “

The emerging Sun States and regions

Many of us are sprinting towards the integration of renewable energy sources at full speed. New Jersey Solar renewable energy certificate implementation (SREC) program when one SREC is earned for each 1000 kWh of energy makes the Garden will be created in the State, one of the most new solar markets in addition to the State of California and only installs over 100 MW for one year. The East is emerging as the Sun HotSpot to watch Florida and gaining the attention of Pennsylvania Sun. Pennsylvania is the double of its 2010 solar generation of slightly less than 100 MW in 2011, making it one of the top five States in the Sun. The Florida legislature of the Member State granting 31.4 million dollars for its HVAC rebate program, which provides solar energy discount program. Proving once again that the Sun is rising in various parts of North America.

New Mexico solar Spotlight 2011 GS-Sun 300 MW set to begin the installation in the project this year and forecasts of more than 100 MW installed in 2011, up only 11 MW in 2010, according to iSuppli. Arizona continues its aggressive drive to numerous discounts, the solar tax incentives and almost 250 MW singles in 2011, more than 60 institutions MW in 2010. Colorado, Colorado, the Solar Energy Industries Association and the Colorado renewable energy society solar contractors working with many of the new program, which would shift towards performance-based model, the more energy you pay for. Hawaii, which has plenty of sunshine and some of the highest electricity costs, it is not supported and can therefore, by reason of the grid in the United States, has set the most aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to bar the United States.

In Canada, the Ontario solar PV is a contender to become North America’s leading to the placing on the market in 2011. Ontario is projected to more than 400 MW of installed solar PV in 2011-almost double the State-of-the-art in California in the year 2010, is currently the largest North American market for solar PV installed.

San Francisco: full support for the point in the mainstream of the Sun

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to several areas of global innovation, and many of the Sun, it is suitable to host Giants Intersolar North America for the fourth consecutive year. Join us in San Francisco lemmikkiystävällinen July 12-14 and get a view of the landscape of the North American solar and get directly to the Sun for the future of the visionaries and driving forward the industry luminaries.

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Information About Intersolar

Intersolar North America takes place annually in the San Francisco-and easy-to-Center West Hall. Since its creation in 2008 exhibition and Conference has developed into a premier platform for the solar industry in North America. Intersolar North America, focuses on photovoltaics and solar thermal technology and has quickly established itself, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers in the area among the international meeting place. More than 800 exhibiting companies and more than 22,000 trade visitors are expected in 2011. The Conference and with the expected 2,500 programs are the meals to the attendees.

Intersolar’s global events in the series: three continents, and extends to more than 3000 exhibitors and visitors for properties in 2011. 20 years of experience in the use of the Intersolar unparalleled development of the market to drive the attention of the Sun around the world. Intersolar: n events in North America, Europe, India and China make up the global network, which unambiguously the most influential solar markets around the world.

For more information about the Intersolar North America Visit:

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