Emerson partners to build a Solar Power Inverters SANMINA-SCI in Canadian markets

Emerson announced today is the customer groups with SANMINA-SCI (NASDAQ: SANM) to build innovative Emerson solar Inverters at SANMINA-SCI, Ottawa, Ontario, factory property. This enables you to meet Ontario’s Emerson, the requirement that renewable energy technologies projects will be built in this province.
Emerson’s reliable, very flexible Inverters convert the DC photovoltaic arrays, network flow, which can be placed directly into an electronic grid. Emerson grid-tie Inverters are designed to be built by SANMINA-SCI and the add-in on a large scale for commercial purposes. Production starts this year, inverters, and may serve also the solar energy projects throughout North and South America.

“Emerson is committed to providing high-quality technologies and renewable energy sources on the market in Canada and we Extend this partnership for capacity-building through the Ontario SANMINA-SCI,” said Mark Bulanda, President of Emerson’s management techniques in the business of Emerson and Director of the solar and wind initiatives n. “We have selected on the basis of the quality of the company’s proven record, and SANMINA-SCI as its decade of experience in complex manufacturing technologies is not responsible or liable for any long-term experience INNOVATIONS in renewable energy sources.”

SANMINA-SCI is a global market leader, Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and critical products, medical, defence and aviation, telecommunications, clean technology and other industries.

“Solar energy is a strategic initiative in the countries in the world and are critical to the growth of SANMINA-SCI,” said Tom Clawson, SANMINA-SCI, Executive Director of the industrial market. “Emerson: the solar energy industry leadership, our expertise in the production of complex and large-scale industrial products, combined with a feed to help Ontario’s alternative energy program in the duties of the rapidly growing needs.”

Emerson and SANMINA-SCI will participate in this week of the second Ontario works, the tariff shall be submitted to the forum thread is considered to be Toronto, April 19-20. The event brings together key industry players and regulators to discuss facing Ontario’s wind and solar energy industry.

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