LDK Solar Announces repurchase the Senior Notes are interchangeable

LDK Solar Co., Ltd. , multicrystalline Solar wafers, and the leading manufacturer of PV products announced today that the conditions laid down in the indenture governing its convertible senior notes to 4.75% due 2013 (the “convertible notes”) and to the holders of option, it is back to 15. April 2011 $ such interchangeable 351, 775, 000 the amount of the notes issued in April 2008, a total of it.

April 15, 2008, the LDK Solar $400, gave the principal to the total amount of 4.75% convertible [citation needed] the senior notes due 2013, which are convertible into the currency of its ADS 25.4534 ADS per 1 000 principal amount of convertible euro banknotes, on the basis of the original, the conversion rate of the customizations and restrictions. April 15, 2011, the amount of $ in total before the main open market convertible notes, which were cancelled respectively 13, 400, 000 in back to the LDK Solar. 29. December 2010 through exchange offer relating to LDK Solar exchanged $31, with a new convertible notes to 918,000 replacing the sum total of the amount corresponding to the principal, the principal of the senior notes (“the new convertible notes”), which differ in convertible notes exchanged, that the new holders of the convertible notes, LDK Solar may not require such a new convertible notes repurchase agreements of 15. April 2011. $ Convertible Notes, 351, 775, 000, LDK Solar, repurchase 15. April 2011, convertible notes that remain outstanding, the total number of the principal, including a new convertible notes is $34, 825,000.

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