Pythagoras solar top industry honors awarded to the Global Conference on the sustainable development of the

At is good and do well Conference (DGDW) 2011 in possession of the IESE (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa) Business School, Barcelona, Spain, Pythagoras solar, a provider of an unprecedented open, energy-efficient windows that create a venture capital investor, and also the Sun, the DGDW Viewer Choice awards were selected as the winner. Pythagoras solar and photovoltaic glass unit (PVGU) received by the Panel of the finest European venture capital firms and the public of the popular vote on the top of the Global clean energy solutions.  Pythagoras solar was elected to the feasibility and scalability of its business, opportunities, and the size, business model, competitive advantage, and on the basis of the group.  In addition, it was considered very well placed in the service objects and service tasks attached to the seminar, risk capital investments and rapid growth strategy in the most investable technology.

“The spirit of the IESE is to pass a service for placing the human, ethical and socially responsible aspects of the MBA students in business and management attention,” said Richa Pathak, the DGDW Conference 2011 President. “The DGDW Conference includes all participants in this spirit, and challenges, as well as students and professionals to think in new ways to solve the problems that society faces today is not only, but will face in the future. Pythagoras solar, this year, the Clean Tech Ventures DGDW seminar, impressed the judges and the risk capital to the participants of the seminar on innovative solar window similar to the technology, the winner of the advanced business model, and a very experienced and dedicated team

Virtuaalikampusten in Barcelona and Madrid and centres in New York and Munich, IESE Business School is located in the area of Economics, inter alia, to the top in Europe. DGDW Conference is a two-day event annually IESE Motorola dynamic panel discussion opportunities, trends and challenges of modern, responsible companies and organisations today.

“We are encouraged to see our company’s mission to support the industry’s leaders, zero energy consumption of buildings closer to the reality, because it emphasises the high performance PVGU technology may have on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, to move us towards the future of the safe, renewable, and the potential impact of the net,” said UDI is Unrestricted Paret, VP Marketing and business developmentPythagoras solar,. “We are proud of is the recognized world class, sustainable development, social entrepreneurship and social investment, responsible people.”

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