The expansion of the PV modules, AUO US market the California Energy Commission-approved

AU Optronics Corp. announced today that its crystalline solar modules to multi-EcoDuo PM220P00, EcoDuo PM240P00 and mono-crystalline solar module GreenTriplex PM250M00 has been added to the California Energy Commission (CEC), the list of eligible devices to solar, officially u. S markets. AUO provides high-quality and reliable solar modules, solar integrators for residential customers and to respond to local distributors to charge customers.

“California’s Solar Electric incentive programs guidelines” and the consumer to enjoy the financial credits, if you buy and install photovoltaic systems eligible for the CEC solar electric equipment list. These solar equipment must pass through, UL 1703 to ensure safety, reliability, and compliance with the international laboratory accreditation cooperation, determination of the efficiency of the largest, measuring the temperature coefficients of rigorous testing, etc. AUO PM220P00 n-EcoDuo, EcoDuo PM240P00 and GreenTriplex PM250M00 PV modules have fulfilled the above standards and has been added to the CEC eligible Solar Electric equipment list of the local consumer reference. In addition, AUO can be sold to other modules in the United States which have adopted the CEC standards, such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin States.

AUO: n EcoDuo PM220P00 is the world’s first PV module obliged the PAS2050 carbon footprint verification of SGS, indicating a critical milestone in PV industry.  AUO EcoDuo: 00 PM, 240 P PV module is passed the saline mist corrosion tests of the IEC and the CNS, i.e. it can maintain power for effective coastal and humid areas. The above two PV-modules can be accepted for residential, commercial and utility. AUO: n premium GreenTriplex PM250M00 PV module is aesthetically pleasing appearance of all black, three cell busbar design and self-cleaning function. Adding a photocatalyst to help surface when the Sun, with the aim of improving the reliability of the electricity industry and break down contaminants. PV module is well suited to residential customers. Long-term performance guarantees were offered to all of the products to the AUO.

The u.s. Federal Government policy on renewable energy in the solar industry to be paid to the American hit a record growth in 2010, making the country promising solar markets. AUO is also optimistic about the potential market.  Young people’s participation in the open field system and PV rooftop solar projects, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic AUO copy these successful experiences, integrate solar modules, solar systems and PV projects and in close cooperation with the local staff to provide high-quality solar total solutions in the areas of North America.

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