The ‘ install ‘ from other contracts-2011 solar Sunvalley begins in 2012 marketing

Sunvalley Solar, Inc.  the leading solar technology and the integration of the solar system, today announces the company has begun to market the programs of 2012 for the installation.

“Sunvalley: engineers and the installation of the team is now fully booked 2011 installation contracts were granted in late 2010 and early 2011. Sales and marketing team are beginning to negotiate contracts with any new and existing customers, Palm Desert, Anaheim, Pasadena, California, and in other cities in the greater Los Angeles area in 2012.

“The great success is based on this, reference may be made to continue to focus on commercial Sunvalley solar installations in these areas, particularly in Palm Desert,” said James Zhang, Sunvalley solar systems, Inc. CEO, “and a new Power purchase agreement with from Southern California Edison (SCE) and other yrityksetSunvalley will look to invest in solar farm of new investors and owners of the country.”

Sunvalley expects to install new commercial solar systems in 2012 and the farm of the Sun to produce electric power projects, which can then sell back towards a new Solar power purchase agreement, the utility companies to invest in. 2012 Installation contracts for the marketing campaign in the first round will be completed this year by the end of June.

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