The roof’s largest solar panel installed on the system was started in New York City, New Jersey

Avidan Management, one of the owners and managers of Northeast front, as well as commercial real estate joined local officials today to inform the nation’s largest roof-mounted solar panel with the implementation of the system. 4. a 26-Megawatt system employing 17,745 performance SolarWorld photovoltaic panels create a clean and renewable energy sources in the tenants ‘ company-owned distribution system, which Edison location.
Project Management, to place the new Avidan, clean energy economy in the United States at the forefront of the company as Senior Vice President, but also industrial real estate-industry, that shows how the savings from renewable energy sources can attract and retain high-value which, as the case may be. The installation also marks yet another solar industry’s record is associated with more than 35 years, SolarWorld period in the United States, the largest manufacturer of solar.

The Solar Electric system on the 656,255 square foot State-of-the-art port facility atop the 17-Acre roof to produce over 5 million kilowatt hours of power per year, enough to supply the power needs of about half of the building, which uses multiple tenant office space and chemical property of the storage of the goods and refrigerated and frozen food. The system is expected to reduce the carbon emissions of 3,750 tonnes per year, corresponding to the operating system should be in the course of the 3.5 million trees planting rights. The Sun’s Solar nation designed and installed in the system.

Avidan, a member of the management of Avi Avidan Manager, “At Avidan, we promote environmentally friendly business practices luomuksistaan, not only to create healthier, more sustainable work environments, but also the sound business sense,” said before the dedication ceremony. “This system may be significant environmental benefits of the supplement, we can now give us the tenants of clean energy that costs 30% less than conventional energy sources.”

“This significant project would not have been possible were it not for us public officials as well as a large partners Solar nation and for the support of the SolarWorld. Management of the whole on behalf of the Group of Avidan we would like to thank you for creating such a business climate Where we can carry out a large-scale renewable energy sources in the project, “added Avidan.

Kevin Kilkelly, President of the Americas, SolarWorld also attended to pay tribute to the family of the sector of renewable and Avidan leadership. “By identifying and seizing the economic gains that can lead to an increase in the solar industry, business decision makers, such as the bold Avi Avidan lead this country into the territory of the future, a stronger, cleaner, safer energy” Kilkelly said before the event. “We stand up and thank you for SolarWorld applaud successful enterprise in his family for a new American milestone.”

Avidan, a comprehensive management is committed to building retrofitting energy efficient lighting upgrade to the latest version of the system of standards, and improved insulation of the building to maximise the overall energy efficiency of the investment facility.

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