Apollo solar energy 10 K 2010 about WSUS, visit the 8. April 2011

Apollo Solar energy, Inc. , a vertically integrated miner, and a high degree of purity of the refiner tellurium, tellurium (Te) is based on the compounds of the metals and other solar photovoltaic (PV) industry and a global electronic market, the producer of the materials requested to submit it to the 2010 annual report on form 10-Kpäivänä2011, April 8.

31. December 2010 ended the year, had a turnover of $9, 594,382, $7, 813,605 net sales ended on 31 December 2009, compared to a year. 31. December 2010 ended the year the company had $6, 198,432, $ 915,571 in net loss for the period ended 31 December 2009, compared to a net loss of the year. The growth of the net loss for the year 2010, the primary reason was the decrease in operating margin and the costs of the increased depreciation costs, as a matter of priority, and the increase in the fees of the representative of the administrative costs. On the basis of compensation for the stocks in 2010, was $3, the 595,196 costs. on the basis of compensation for the costs of the stocks in 2009 was $ 1, 844,233. With the exception of stock-based compensation expenses, we have incurred as a result of other General and administrative $3, the 375,996 ended 31. December 2010 to the $3, the 742,275 ended 31. December 2009 in comparison with the year of the expenses of the year, 9.79% of the invoice. This decrease was mainly due to more stringent controls on budget, our current management team.

“Although the company had a net loss for the year 2010, we believe that we have made significant progress in 2010. The company signed a long-term agreement with the First significant shipment and remain in full force and effect as the effect of Solar 2010, from 66,8% of the total sales volume of the exports in the year 2010, compared to the representative of the international markets, only 13% in 2009. In addition, we have entered the New Jersey Institute of Technology with the joint research agreement with the common objective towards developing countries, as new CdTe thin film PV technology, the “Dr. Jingong Pan, Managing Director, Apollo, the Sun,” we believe that our new marketing strategy, which focuses on three product lines (material solar panel glass)the material in the integrated signal processors, and an LED substrate have a positive impact on our future results of operations. In addition, we believe that the Chinese Government more solar energy development, the demand for our products in 2011 and beyond. “

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