Natcore Technology find the solar Research Center of Kodak’s Business Park

After a four-month search, Natcore Technology Inc. (Article V: NXT; NTCXF.SMALL and MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (SMES)) has decided to set up a research and Development Center Natcore Eastman Business Park, Rochester, NY. Rochester location was selected for several other finalists of the Earth.

It currently carries out the Natcore during the investigation of three locations: Ohio State University, Rice University and its joint venture in China. This work is now consolidated in the Rochester, although the Natcore joint research areas of the program, a group of rice-Barron. T and k-Center, thanks to its development of the thin Natcore solar cells and solar cells, the company’s tandem of the medicinal product may be deposition (LPD) technology. The thin cells could halve the cost of producing solar energy. Super-efficient tandem cells could double today’s commercial solar cells as effectively as possible.

Natcore research and Development Center to deal with the originally eight persons. Dr. Dennis flood, a technology Manager: Natcore, begins soon in an interview with chemists and chemical engineers, electrical engineers, technicians, researchers, and materials to meet these jobs.

Natcore yesterday signed a lease for Office and laboratory facilities dedicated to the occupational safety and health, which includes two equipped Labs, clean room and administrative offices. It will also house the first production model of the intelligent processing of LPD Natcore is a station of the cultivation of antireflective coating (AR), from the manufacture of solar cells, the silicon wafers. The Center is located in building # Natcore 82 Eastman Kodak research laboratories is a Business Park. Natcore is financing an overwhelming with the December 2010 to the output of the Center.

The Search site Natcore and partners to research, develop and manufacture the thin solar cells, the company’s proprietary process using LPD. Eastman Business Park is currently under consideration will be given to the establishment concerned, as the Chinese and other foreign alternatives. Eastman, such as the history of all is to be noted earlier the earlier photo film. In this case, the final decision on the availability of funding, and it remains to be seen.

Kongressinedustaja Louise slaughter has been attracting research possibility of Rochester. Mrs. slaughter is organized today at its meeting in the city, County and State officials and business leaders are to assess the possible programs, Natcore which help the manufacturing operation, Eastman Business Park development. Alternatively, you can request the Natcore, joint venture Partners for funding.

“We chose to Rochester for a number of reasons,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Natcore Director Chuck Provini. “It gives us access to Kodak’s considerable performance thin technology and much of the infrastructure we need. In addition, we are tapping the Rochester must be distinguished from the universities ‘ expertise. And then was Mrs. slaughter and Mike Alt, which were invaluable partners for stability in our efforts. ” Mr. Alt is the Director of the Eastman Business Park.

“We are certainly pleased with the decision of the Natcore: n find the t & d Center at the Eastman Business Park,” said Alt. “our site is a good match to the Natcore technology and infrastructure perspective.”

“I am happy to know about the negotiations after one month, has decided to increase their research and Development Center Natcore Eastman Business Park,” said Mrs. slaughter. “I am happy to do their utmost to help in this partnership, and I hope that this is just coming to Rochester at the beginning of the green jobs.”

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