Tucson, Arizona United States Census Bureau, the city water Department and Home Electric search functions 1-Megawatt Solar Power System, SunPower

City of Tucson, Ariz., Tucson water Department, the Home Electric, and SunPower Corp. today dedicated to the 1-megawatt solar-mounted, for the system, which doubles the capacity of the United States Census Bureau, the city hosts the solar system. The system is designed and built by SunPower Tucson water Department underground water storage and recovery plant, about 20 of the city of Tucson is located on the coast to the West of the city-owned, a former agricultural land.

“These systems, the Tucson is their energy savings, waste reduction and environmental protection. SunPower: n technology ensures that the system provides the energy in a cost-effective manner for the benefit of the community “shall be established on the basis of the provisional Director of the Tucson water Andrew Quigley.

Tucson city finance the system power purchase agreement with SunPower. The terms of the agreement, Wells Fargo owns a system that SunPower is designed, constructed, and maintained. ««Electric, the place is the site of the add-in provided additional funding for its SunWatts of renewable energy sources in the incentive program. The city hosts the system and to purchase electricity produced in it. ««Electric Cooperative to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) in the system. The cost of the energy of the United States Census Bureau, the city is the current interest in the retail trade, the capital of a competing with aid for initial investment.

“This system will produce reliable clean energy in years,” said Jim Pape, SunPower’s residential and business group Chairman. “Tucson, Arizona is the leading way to seizing this opportunity to help meet the growing demand for energy in the State and the objectives of renewable energy sources.”

the 10-Acre site in the SunPower Tracker ® is installed on the system of SunPower. Place the Tracker to track the movement of the Sun, the solar panels during the day by sunlight capture up to 25% of normal, while at the same time, through a fixed rake systems reduce land use requirements.

The Project site is part of the city in the Central Valley, to the conservation and exploitation of Avra project (CAVSARP), in the short and long term water storage and recovery operation, the communication protocols of the Central Arizona Project, which makes it an ideal choice for residents of the United States Census Bureau, the city of water and by providing a renewable source of drinking water.

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