Customers require a $ 1 Million Tampa Electric to install photovoltaic systems for rebates

The Tampa Electric announced today that customers claimed within 72 hours at a temperature of not more than one million dollars, made available to the Fund to help the company credits the new photovoltaic systems in their home or business. The discount program to its first five years are entitled to add the discount money to customers in the year 2012. Customers are able to send a notification in the future, when the funds are available contact information.
Solar water heater rebate dollars are still available on the basis of, first, first-serve basis to retail clients, which is intended to install a new solar water heater (up to $ 1,000 per client installation). Discounts are part of the company, as well as the provision of 1.5 million dollars annually, credits for a period of five years to encourage solar water heater and solar electricity (PV) systems for the installation.

The company started accepting reservations online at at 8 April 18.

“We are satisfied with the company’s first offering rebates for solar electricity installations, the overwhelming response,” said Shelly Aubuchon, system management, Tampa Electric’s renewable energy program. “We are looking forward to the new interconnecting PV systems in Tampa, and by providing an e-mail network for these customers, net metering, which allows you to receive the full value of the energy, which have been exported to the grid PV systems.”

The company is currently in the customers, through a network of 133 two-way net metering equipment for the grid.

Support for the use of renewable energy sources

Tampa Electric was the first investor-owned the Florida electric utility to provide renewable energy program, which makes it easier for customers to purchase the electricity produced from renewable energy sources, the share of renewable energy sources, with the signing of the text blocks in the $ 5. Each block purchased, Tampa Electric distribution of 200 kilowatt of renewable energy sources-hours (kWh).

For more information about Tampa Electric’s renewable energy program, visit the following

Tampa Electric Company is a TECO Energy Inc. main subsidiaries (COMPANY: TE), integrated energy-related holding company regulated utility companies, to supplement the family’s unregulated businesses. Tampa Electric Company is a regulated utility with both electricity and gas areas (Tampa Electric and peoples gas system). Other subsidiaries are engaged in the coal and electric generation in Guatemala.

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