Here Comes the Sun: Solar power installation in the network, the Anne Arundel County complex combined Support Services

Constellation Energy today announced the completion of the sale of its energy to the 750-kilowatt photovoltaic solar panels installed on the spot, the Anne Arundel County combined Support Services a complex installation of Millersville, MD is the first solar project in overcoming the Maryland energy administration initiative, a project of Brown who exploit the resources of the American recovery and Reinvestment Act to promote the rule of law, public buildings, installation of photovoltaic electricity systems in Maryland. Contain a reference to the ribbon cutting ceremony at the ceremony will be held April 26 at the County for the combined Support Services complex 8313 Grover Road, 10 a.m. to noon.
The combined Support Services complex houses the Anne Arundel County facilities and maintenance, fire protection, and the school’s storage units. The facility on the Sun system used on the roof of about 3,060 crystalline solar photovoltaic panels and an estimated saving on kilowatt-hours of electricity. A new solar energy plant is expected to offset 90% of the annual electricity consumption of the building, estimated at $ 80,000 a year, convened by the Chairman of the Board is stored in the utility costs.

“This project is our dependence on fossil fuels and also save taxpayer dollars building,” Anne Arundel County Executive John r. Leopold said. “Fiscal discipline and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive objectives.”

Anne Arundel County received $ 750,000 Maryland project management in the energy sector to pursue its program of Brown in the solar system, which is one of the largest installations can be financed under the programme. The costs of the project is financed by the guarantee section of the system energy balance, and owns and operates the system. Anne Arundel County is the purchasing of 20 years, the estimated cost is less than the market interest rate system in the Constellation energy sources of electricity.

“Constellation Energy is proud to be at the forefront of solar energy generation of Maryland,” said Ron Melchior, Director of renewable energy sources in the Constellation Energy for retail sale. “Anne Arundel County solar energy plant is an excellent example of how cooperation between the State and local companies can support the use of renewable energy in electricity prices affordable, and secure.”

“Invest in renewable energy sources is a triple win Maryland green collar jobs by creating new, now at the same time, reduce the electric bill, and to protect the environment in the long term,” says Malcolm Woolf, Director of the Mea. “At the beginning of the start of the project, Brown last year after it is created in the estimated 90 jobs, located in Maryland County Governments to lower costs through energy consumption of the invoices, and added much needed clean, renewable energy sources in the production capacity.”

Statewide, the project has been the development of the Brown 9 3 megawatts of generating capacity, tripling to nearly the inception of the project in the grid, and the number is estimated to produce in the Sun for more than 12,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy annually.

Currently, the system of energy owns and operates the solar thermal systems, which has been carried out, or is under construction in the United States, size 60 MB customers in Watts. Structuring the power purchase agreements, projects, solar thermal systems in the Constellation Energy does not require its customers and our policies will provide the capital to fixed costs, which are less than the planned market interest rates.

Commercial customers, universities, educational systems, hospitals and Government agencies on the spot 1 megawatt solar thermal systems are interested in or greater may contact the Constellation Energy or 1-877-427-2005. You can view information about the Constellation Energy in a short video of the solar systems:

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