PV Development Service notifies the Flash test

PV Development Labs (PVEL), North America, the premier independent solar panel the trial environment, they’re looking for — from quick-turn-around in the third-party flash test launch announced today.
More than 500 manufacturers worldwide with a solar panel, click the control panel vendor has all of the project, the developer of a daunting task. To reduce the risk of now developer PVEL by third-party assessment without adding to the delays in the development of tight project schedules. Validating the actual output of the solar panel to ensure developers are installing only the products that meet the expectations of their performance. Lot acceptance testing has become a common practice in the context of the introduction of the system to avoid them.

Berkeley, CA, is equipped with State-of-the-art art PVEL test systems designed to assess the performance of a PV module. Class AAA: PVEL flash Tester is kept carefully and the traceability of the calibration of the ISO 17025, crystalline silica, CdTe PV technology and change.

“We are the developers of the project activities, to facilitate the important information in a reproducible and efficient manner,” said Jenya Meydbray, PVEL: n to the Director.

PVEL also offers support for warranty claims, the bankability assessment, and reliability, and performance testing project developers, financial institutions and the needs of the manufacturers of the module.

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