SolarWorld photovoltaic panels Power Net-zero Home country Pilot Hawaiian Homes Community Project

The SolarWorld n high performance solar panels are an advance on the home of sustainable power sources, in the heart of Hawaii: they produce electric power on 19 homes and community atop the center for low income residents in the development of the pilot phase of the trailblazing nationally, with the State Department of Hawaiian Home kesannoituina Kaupuni in the village are the indigenous people of the western edge of Oahu’s backgrounds. Hawaii State hopes to spread the concept of the project to keep the nation’s first LEED Platinum omakoti subdivision, in the development of 1 000 households statewide.

SolarWorld photovoltaic technology manufacturer, the largest and most experienced in the United States has given its solar technology on the market for 30 years, the Hawaii State Federal demonstration project for grid connected residential systems, starting in 1980. The project, a total of 10 kilowatts was installed atop homes in three panels: cities (Honolulu), suburban (Pearl City, Oahu) and rural (Molokai). After this, SolarWorld, Sun panels have demonstrated the extraordinary reliability of Pacific island State of tropical climes. In addition, the company offers industry-leading 25 year performance guarantee, the linear.

Today, the Kaupuni project, Subscribe to the event, which took part in Hawaii, three .gov Neil Abercrombie, and four bedroom homes are designed to provide housing without power costs. SolarWorld panels to generate electricity; Other Sun gear of the water. The development includes a number of other eco-elements, including agricultural settings. Eligible homeowners to buy homes $ 320,000, $ 260,000 will vary depending on the market rate, because they pay for the costs of leasing, as the case may be, virtually the use of indigenous descent Hawaiians. Eligible homeowners can earn up to 80% in the income of the household from Honolulu to n.

“The Department of Hawaiian home kesannoituina is excited that the homesteaders, which are transported into Kaupuni in the village of benefits is designed to be a Native Hawaiian culture, the environment and sustainable development at the heart of the neighborhood,” the Hawaiian Homes Commission Alapaki Nahale (a), the President said. “By providing high-quality solar panels for this project and the valuable expertise of partners, such as SolarWorld have done this on the net-zero community really environmental success story.”

A typical home with 26 watts 245 Sunmodules, SolarWorld total system size 6.37 kW. Honolulu-based Bonterra Solar PV installations in the commitment of the entire project, with the delivery of the Inter-Island Solar, SolarWorld distributor since the beginning.

“We are grateful, SolarWorld, State Department of Hawaiian home kesannoituina to demonstrate to the rest of the country, which has a good sense to harness the Sun’s high energy to serve as housing for low income residents and the environment-friendly energy source, go to the combined objectives of sustainable development,” said Kevin Kilkelly, SolarWorld America. “It is only fitting that the State known for its wealth and natural beauty of the Sun to demonstrate the ingenuity of its solar energy in the other 49 States.”

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